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How to make windows 8.1 8 faster increase optimize cpu speed and ram to get max gaming performance

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19 Comments on How to make windows 8.1 8 faster increase optimize cpu speed and ram to get max gaming performance

  1. My computer cant start now

  2. i have a processor of AMD 160GHz 3GB of RAM
    does my laptop run smooth if i do this?

  3. Didn't work for me, the CPU has gone down but still causing me to lag loads but thanks for the vid

  4. hey, mine want not start,when i click it it just blank . and nothing happens.. plz plz

  5. This is Tuning up you PC I don't do shit like this Cuz it could f up your computer configuration I tried something like this and messed up my PC I fixed it but never tried things like this again

  6. This really works. Nice video and nice music track

  7. Great video bro. Very helpful.

  8. I would highly recommend not doing what they do in the video. They disable the ability to restore things to how they were previously. The options chosen won't significantly speed up your pc and some are very alarming. You are disabling windows firewall, windows updates and windows antivirus. Some of the options will actually slow your pc down. One or two are worth doing, but only for minor benefit. If you want to speed up your pc to how it was when new you need to first run a disk cleaner such as CCleaner or Glary utilities. Then run a couple of anti malware scans from different companies like antimalware bytes and spybot, but make sure they don't run again automatically afterwards. Then a full virus scan from AVAST, AVG, Microsoft or the like. The only AV worth paying for is by Sophos, but free ones are more than adequate. AV does have a big performance hit, but is worthwhile in most situations. Next run a registry error checker such as found in Glary utilities repeatedly until it finds nothing more to fix, and then a REGISTRY defragmenter, also found in Glary utilities. Next, go into the start menu and under Accessories or Windows Administrative Tools find Disk Cleaner or Clean-Up. Run it, select drive C: if asked. If you have a button that says 'clean up system files', click it. Select the 'More Options' tab and remove the system restore clones. This will leave you with just one working restore point which has little performance hit. Now you can use a traditional disk defragmenter such as Auslogics. You can download and install all of this software in one go from for free and legally. All that remains is to disable any toolbars and addons you have inadvertently installed in your web browser and disable any startup programs that aren't needed in windows. In every case I've used the above procedure in the PC has been brought back to running as new. There haven't been any problems. All the software is free.

  9. i have a fx 8350 8 – core processor and 12 gbs of ddr3 ram. would this optimize my computer more, or would it not affect anything?

  10. someone plz help me

  11. i cant open my windows 8 manager !

  12. How much of a difference does this make for the processor specifically? i have a 2.9 dual core which normally wouldnt be too much of an issue, however one of my dual graphics cards runs off of it and cannot be disabled which is incredibly inconvenient

  13. Works fine, without problems. (NO MORE FUCKING LAGS!)
    BTW i saw "Mario" on your bookmark bar also arabic language… xD

  14. This made my fonts all weird. Anyone have a fix?

  15. Hahahaha u kidding disabling the firewall fuck right off mate

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