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How To Make Windows 8.1 Super Fast.

Step by step tutorial, showing you how to get a faster windows 8 experience.

To get the Registry Tweaks Click here:

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20 Comments on How To Make Windows 8.1 Super Fast.

  1. thanks man you really helped me

  2. i love the feed the beast!

  3. When I got my Windows 8.1, it came with a very slow, basic processor; AMD E1-6010 APU with Radeon R2 Graphics. So I knew that my computer was going to be SLOW, but not THIS SLOW. Lag and the dreaded "Not Responding" notification are constantly happening. I wish there was a fast, free, easy way to speed up my computer WITHOUT replacing the processor. Can someone help?

  4. What about using Ccleaner to cleanup?

  5. To speed up Windows 8, I defrag the drive and used SSD. Also I used to regularly clean up the PC with the help of an antivirus utility and the computer cleaning software such as Ninja TuneUp.

  6. Thanks! Finally someone explain properly how to change without destroying the computer

  7. Hi .What a lovely voice you have 🙂 However my pc was running 8.1 but it was suddely going mega slow 3 days a go so I did a restore no good then a refresh ,no good. My cpu is running ar over 90% but I don't have the knowledge to deal with that . What do I need to do ? As I said it was fine untl the last windows updates. After the restore the pc totally crashed to black screen. I was given options so did the refresh but even though its workng now it is still really slow.Like 5 mns to load a page 🙁 HELP xx

  8. that intro made me laugh so bad

  9. Buy better hardware- all other things are just crap except if you have bunch of viruses, malware etc.

  10. Would be nice for better quality, like 1080

  11. Please add comment on the defrag section: NEVER DEFRAG WHEN YOU HAVE AN SSD DISK! This reduces the life of your disk DRASTICALLY!

  12. and you also can del every thing in the temp and prefetch folders

  13. My computer is too slow at the start and it's too slow to open applications I might have to reinstall windows 8 I will lose my fnaf game :(

  14. hello ippz. Is that you?

  15. just stop being stingy and buy more ram.

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