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How to perform the card through a window illusion

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See how to throw A card through a window. The world’s most powerful magician, David Zanthor, shows us this incredible magic trick.

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20 Comments on How to perform the card through a window illusion

  1. Did you notice that if you watch the actual performance, the card is NOT in the window?

  2. How many people went back to the trick to see that the card was NOT there inside the window from the start of the trick???

  3. This guy, along with this video, makes me die laughing!

  4. This was when the internet was young stupid and in community college accepting welfare checks and with nothing to do

  5. Haha that is funny …I think you mean that other David magician lol funny

  6. It's a shame the magicians union had to put out a hit on this magician for giving away the secret.RIP Zanthorpe.

  7. If you want to learn how to invent brilliant magic tricks I suggest you begin with a book titled THE TRICK BRAIN by Fitzkee (available in magic shops).  It explains the principles of every trick ever invented or will be invented.  With this knowledge get copies of a couple other books, THINKERTOYS and CRACKING CREATIVITY, both books on creative thinking.  If you'd like more books on the subject go to, books, then type in 'creative thinking'.  Learn to invent your own magic tricks or risk becoming slaves to the magic shops.  Once the magic bug has bitten you you're hooked for life.  Outsmart them and become the guy who invents the tricks.

  8. card isn't on the window at the start of the trick….  this trick sucks monkey ass!

  9. How come 1,378,100 people watched this video when there's only 1,000,000 people in the world?

  10. Actually there are more players in the team. The magician, the assistant, these two beauties, the camera person and the narrator. Precisely the whole trick is bugged. Applause to their acting skills 

  11. Na I dont like iphones.

  12. What if the person write their name on the card?

  13. Then look on the floor to reveal the ace of spades was really there all the time.

  14. LOL,this was funny as hell!

  15. also he did it with a 4 of diamonds 

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