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How to Record Your PC Screen for FREE! 2016/2017 (Windows 7/8/10)

Hey guys, it’s Muaaz! Here’s an updated video on How To Record Your PC Screen For Free in 2016! To summarize the following video, I’m going to be teaching you how to record your computer or desktop screen for free! Whether you wanted to know how to record just your monitor or capture the whole screen, a gaming video or tutorial, this video will cover the best way to record your screen with Open Broadcaster Software or…

23 Comments on How to Record Your PC Screen for FREE! 2016/2017 (Windows 7/8/10)

  1. There is no watermark of rec 10 mins or buy full version huh? I hate bandican cuz it reslly do it

  2. what is the stream key

  3. 98 mb ?? file size is it?

  4. daaaaaammmmnnnnnn the quality

  5. how do I do it games? will it automatically?

  6. Guys trust obs it's ready popular and I kmow a youtuber that has like 24k I think subs and he uses mostly obs

  7. I have windows 10 I'm getting use to my computer I just got it for Christmas and it's really complicated to download things when there is like so many links I want to know how to get five nights at Freddy's but a lot of videos for a tutorial are click baits

  8. Thank you for teaching me this now I can record my screen thank you so much! 😀

  9. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm my loptop got virus nooooooooo

  10. Thanks, man, You helped me a great yet obvious problem, The screen display xD

  11. How do you stop recording

  12. "Dont have to download 3rd party software"

    Goes and downloads 3rd party software

  13. I was looking for a screen recorder without obs

  14. It won’t record my screen it’s just black

  15. I just made my account on YT I have a roblox vid of me trolling on prison life

  16. Can you stream it to a private site?

  17. Gonna help me a hell of a lot

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