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How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files For Free In Windows 7, 8 and 10

This tutorial will show you how to recover permanently deleted files on your computer utilizing free software.

50 Comments on How To Recover Permanently Deleted Files For Free In Windows 7, 8 and 10

  1. I only ask that you slow down just a little bit. I'm still waiting for the deep scan to complete but even if it doesn't work I feel more confident for future oops moments. Your info is great and easy to understand but when walking through the programs you were at lightening speed.


  3. hi i badly need your answer, theres no "user "section in "user"

  4. Where to install it if it was deleted when a cut transfer was interrupted from a sd memory to a laptop ?

  5. Thus, you CANNOT retrieve all lost files exceptionally, the large size (>560GB)!

  6. Ummm… Can you do one of how to recover yt vids you deleted thanks…

  7. Hi, i have permanently deleted excel file without knowing, its very important file,kindly help me to recover that please

  8. Sir I have deleated some photos before one month can I recover it

  9. Thank you for your help

  10. I just want to give you a HUGE THANK YOU

  11. Thank you very much. This has saved me from a huge calamity.

  12. If it is a old file or app that deleted it can be can recover? Sorry for my English

  13. hey smith, i used recuva to restore my photo.Thank you so much for the video. But i am not able to open the photo. The photo viewer says that its an invalid image. I used different softwares like picasa, windows photo viewer, etc. Please help me out.


  15. i have accidentally deleted a folder and run windows recover nothing helped me, checked other tutorials and download many software they were taking up so much time and when i watched this video only upto 6:01 . and used the software as suggested i recovered my folder after minimising the browser in less than a minute. I mean now i ihave faith in technology purely now and thanks to you. I have liked your video and subscribed to your channel., It worked well and very fast and easy for me. pretty genuine,

  16. can we recover after shutdown the system

  17. This is amazing .. thank you for sharing it ❤



    YOU SAVED ME. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. unless i restore my files.. im gonna kms.. 150h ultra moon gameplay with a random shiny psyduck and a shiny poipole..

  21. Do these methods work even when I haven't backed up the data that i deleted?

  22. I went to my one drive folder and deleted everything from there including documents desktop and more files will it recover them plz reply

  23. Thank you…you saved me a lot

  24. thank you so muchhhh~~ you save my life

  25. does this work for ssd/NVMe

  26. I couldnt find what i needed 🙁

  27. WOW! I was this close to losing my footages but you have helped out. My job is safel.

  28. man when i open the program nothing appears

  29. For me, I think recuva isn't reliable when it comes to recovery, it's quite useless I guess especially if you want to recover a video.

  30. I did misconfig and it deleted all my data how do I get all my buissness files back

  31. i deleted photo folder last month can i able to get that

  32. it says "Unhandled exeption has occured in your application"

  33. It requires .NET Framework 3.5 to work and that always fails to download!

  34. I followed this video but not able to try my folder. It was very important folder but it is not possbile now .

  35. you are a hero, thankyou very much

  36. I don’t have another device

  37. Thank you for the awesome video tutorial. Recuva restored my files for once, but it seems does not have a Mac version. This time I used jihosoft file recovery, which allowed me to recover deleted PDF files from my SD card on my MacBook. Thanks for directing me to recovery software though.

  38. umm i dont want to how do you do it in a other way?

  39. Thank you very much. With RECUVA I recovered 28.529 files.

  40. Lol don't work on other things that iaccidently delete 🙁

  41. I have a question, when I exported a lot of files, some of them were not fully loaded, and some were kind of corrupted how do I fix this?

  42. Will the time of the exporting in ShadowExplorer take time, depending on how much you want to recover?

  43. Thank you. You saved my day.

  44. easeUS didn't work.
    Pandora recovery didn't work.
    Recuva, I didn't have to try because Shadow Explorer is AWESOME ! ! !

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