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How To Reduce And Lower Your Ping In Online Games On Windows 8 1 , 8 2014

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Hope these tips and tricks will help your to decrease Ping (Latency) and reduce lag in any online game. .
*PingTest :
*TCP Optimazer :

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20 Comments on How To Reduce And Lower Your Ping In Online Games On Windows 8 1 , 8 2014

  1. Guys it worked The dislike button worked.

  2. i will ban you in hell

  3. This do not work dont waste your time on this

  4. Made my Ping worse.

  5. It says that windows cannot find gpedit.msc please help

  6. thes is a best setting for ping

  7. f changed the pingtest server..

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  9. haha eey malti?

  10. This says for Windows 8…I have 8.1 and I follow the steps for the gpedit.msc with no luck…When I search about it it shows I need an app or program to be able to edit my policy. Any other way to edit the policy without having to get a program to do it?

  11. Can you explain what tthis does? And why it works?

  12. This boosted my download speed a lot, but didn't effect my ping ;-;

  13. this can reduce your ping (lag) at least 80%
    it's awesome!

  14. Dude you are my saviour 😀 . Thx i am gonna tell my friends about you 😀 .

  15. You chose two different servers … so this is why you have diefferent results in test.

  16. Nothing changed … 
    Waste of time.

  17. what if gpedit is missing from computer

  18. +DontPaNiiC   It sure helps in reducing ping in games like BF3,BF4 etc. but on other side it decreased my downloading speed way too much in utorrent. 
    Is it just for me or anyone else facing this problem. please reply.

  19. Went from 260 to 36! Thanks heaps!

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