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36 Comments on How To Remove Password From Windows 8 Computer/ Tablet Tutorial | Window 8 Forgotten Passcode Unlock


  2. if we restart the PC the OS will also be lost

  3. Need. My. Pc. unlock

  4. it really works….

  5. thank….u….sm…..????

  6. Ok I do all of this up to the remove my files thennit says additional free space is needed on the drive windows was installed. Free up some space and try again" npw what do I do

  7. computer ka koi bhi data delete nahi hoga na

  8. great on the computer very helpful, thank you

  9. bro u r genius…….thanks a lot…..

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  11. Thanks big time! Perfect!

  12. Computer ke andar wala PC software Karte Hain kholte Hain usme VLC multimedia player download kiya Phir open kiya to lock mangta hai Lock ko hatane ke liye kya kare

  13. It didn't work you pierce of shot u punk

  14. In reset your PC I don't get yes I get only cancel

  15. I need help my laptop is locked and I forgot my password and it’s windows 7

  16. Thanks for the vid fuckbois

  17. Mine says restart, is that the same thing as reset?

  18. “Partition missing”

  19. Do any of my games or another local disk files will be deleted while doing this..

  20. Thank you for your quick fix!

  21. And i WILL NOT RESET

  22. I have a pc ok A PC HES KEYBORD IS OTHER

  23. hey ,if anyone else is searching for forgot login password on laptop try Grathaw Password Reset Expert( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  24. Good lookin bro ????????????

  25. wait when i click just remove my files all my files will gone?

  26. Thanks bro, I forgot the password to my laptop from when I was a kid 2013

  27. It worked thanks man!

  28. frero j'ai une tablette j'ais pas un clavier

  29. If yours isn’t working, hold down the SHIFT button first then click on the RESTART and it will work. Thank you, it works for me.

  30. Thank you very much…..God bless you man

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