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How to Remove Adware From Your Computer

This is a tutorial on how to remove the adware off of your computer. The tutorial also shows how to reset the default home page and search engines of Google Chrome browser, Firefox browser, and Internet Explorer browser.

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20 Comments on How to Remove Adware From Your Computer

  1. how do you remove the trovi toolbox in your desktop view?

  2. Thank you so much!!! God bless you!!!

  3. I did it without downloading the malware. I got rid of it. Video was so helpful!

  4. Thank you so much !

  5. Thanks dude, God bless ya

  6. Aside from individually checking each one of them, you could ctrl + A I believe 😛 I know they updated it a while back with a select all feature but I just wanted you to know 😛 also you're a really helpful person with these tutorials. Sound trustworthy.

  7. Guessing PC's have changed a lot in a year. It takes you like 2 hours to scan, but it takes me 5 minutes…

  8. Thanks a lot dude it got rid of it :)

  9. aye man, will this remove those annoying redirects and ads on firefox? as well as programs that install by itself?

  10. Omg thank you so much man……. this helped me alot

  11. I've completely messed up my laptop even my start tiles have even disappeared somehow!

  12. I'm not gonna question your background page. Thanks for the video anyways! It infected IE, and it would be fine because when windows 10 comes out it would be windows edge, but I still wanted to remove it because viruses scare me for some reason :3

    …just like the turrets in portal 2. WHY AM I SCARED OF THEM!

  13. When irealised i had accidently installed this crap i installed malwarebytes

  14. thank you so much i was so scared i had downloaded a virus and screwed my pc thnx for the help :D

  15. I have about 10 detected objects the only thing with mine is that trovi is always my search engine and i get soo many ad pop ups and occasionally i get this script error pop up

  16. i did exactly what your video said removed it from mozilla completely but not google . It is still in the search box after i did all you said to do not sure why it worked with mozilla.

  17. Very helpful, i have 1800 threats on my PC , trovi + adds on . All gone !!! Thank you !!!!

  18. i have a firefox and i have done the malware bytes and about config method but it won't let me modify it! please respond

  19. PLEASE RESPOND VERY SOON. Will this get rid of pop up ads

  20. I really hate these damn viruses using legal loopholes to do this shit.

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