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How to remove Windows 8 and install Windows 7 in an Acer Aspire One 756

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Here I show how to remove the Win8 that comes with the Acer Aspire One 756 and replace it with a Win7 from USB drive.

The BIOS has to be correctly set up to allow “Legacy BIOS” boot mode.

Also, the Win8 GPT protection has to be removed when the installer reaches the point of having to select the partition where Win7 will be installed. You will se a message saying something like “windows cannot be installed on…

23 Comments on How to remove Windows 8 and install Windows 7 in an Acer Aspire One 756

  1. Thanks a lot dude

  2. Muchas gracias 😉

  3. Muchas gracias amigo me has salvado de romper el pc (Y)

  4. Muchas gracias bro.

  5. Well does it work with deleting every windows slowing down the system and installing Linux only?

  6. Don't know how to thank, Thanks a tun bro. god bless

  7. Gracias por compartir,Como instalo el Windows 7 en el USB?

  8. Thank you so much

  9. think you very very match, Thank you, Professor, and God bless you all the best

  10. i cant change to legacy bios ..
    plz help

  11. Thanks man xD (2018)

  12. Hey bro…i have a lots of data in D and E drive …i don't want to lose it…so what should i do?? I have not any backup for it

  13. very good! Tanks, very good.

  14. Thanks for the help, very clear steps shown!

  15. Thanks this was so helpful was wandering why it wouldn't work
    Thanks so much mate ????????

  16. No se puede restaurar mi pc aspire 4732Z-4270

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