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How to repair hard disk hiding bad sectors Tips and Tricks by innovative ideas

This Hard disk bad sector repairing video shows how to hide the bad sectors of hard disk for fully functionality of the remaining partition of hard disk drive.
I have used a software named………(Watch Video). With the help of the software I found the bad sectors and make those bad sectors hidden, Now the remaining partitions of the hard disk drive are working fine.

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42 Comments on How to repair hard disk hiding bad sectors Tips and Tricks by innovative ideas

  1. I wonder how would you 100% sure that the bad sectors are not part of the 2 partition (NTFS) that you have created? and as like all the bad sectors are in the unallocated drive

  2. Great video but easier to select 'Do not assign a drive letter or drive path' for the bad volume after selecting the volume size , then you won't see the volume when finished and don't need the extra step. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  3. what if you have work in it? do you have a way to doi without erasing anything?

  4. if we dont want a partition then what

  5. With hdat2, you can hide bad sectors permanently.

  6. Great video, very elegant and smart way to go about it. Thanks.

  7. Hi Sir, can you or anyone help me do the calculations? Im unsecure at maths. This is my hd after scan:

  8. why just formatting doesnt exclude all bad sectors automatically? is there a simple tool to fix that?

  9. There are 8 bad sectors on the disk surface. The contents of these sectors were moved to the spare area.

    says may i don't need to do this.. but thanks anyways for this tips.

  10. Hi
    Am using hdd 500gb in CCTV system , if I do like this…(partions). After inserting in dvr then it asks formating for that wt can i do.

  11. Will the data from c, d, e drive be deleted or just from c drive?

  12. Is it possible to merge these two Partitions. Does the Bad sector partition affect it?

  13. Not very practical. FAT is better to use. This system has a table where each block of a typical 8 sectors is marked in what state it is or what it is used for. Just in case of a problem will be marked the damaged as such and will not be recorded there. This will give you more savings on the ground. This is the subsystem in front of the system usually used by Windows. In the case of a reformatting, the fault data is deleted and only when it can not be written more than 3 times is eg marked as damaged but it may be too late and the to have something of value. Not to mention that they may be scattered around the disk, and then with this method the clip will have too many losses with each new repair attempt. It is also very important to have a good program and not a built-in fancy of Windows because it reformats without checking for damage and recording them. But it is always best to change the disk before it becomes bleak and you lose your valuable data. It is also very important to have a good program and not a built-in fancy of B because it reformats without checking for damage and recording them. But it is always best to change the disk before it becomes bleak and you lose your valuable data. However, today's discs are not as expensive as time.

  14. very nice bro very brilliant

  15. Hi Genius………….interesting information.. Tanx so far… .. how get asset to my External disk, which shows serious amount of bad sectors…


  17. sir what if the bad sectors is located on the c drive where my windows is installed???

  18. Thank u sir it's a good work solutions, but I have another problem, I have laptop hard disk that disk d: drive u' Kline don't work, the problem it see that is raw partition, sir plz i want to get the D: drive data with out formatting sir help me

  19. Sir in my hard disc boot fails sometimes and lags while running Windows. Plz help me in fixing that

  20. thank you it was helpful il give you a like .

  21. I don't know whats happened to my hdd, all the blocks were showing red (it meant all the sectors were damaged). Please help

  22. you dnt repair bad sectors, you just put them in a partition that windows will not use… this is not a repair. Change your title please !!!!

  23. Great solution!!!!!!!!!

  24. I am full up with indians

  25. Sir you been helpful because im getting a lot of problems at my laptop so keep up posting videos and im looking forward to it.

    Also sir i wanted to learn more about the basic parts of the laptop because i am still new to learning

  26. Thank you! Thank you very much good Sir and YouTube for directing me to your video! With the help of your method I saved my expensive SSD which shockingly had bad sectors in the first 3 blocks. I am very grateful to you 🙂

  27. this tips doesn't hide bad sectors in the internal SMART counter of your hard drive. any SMART monitor program like HDD Sentinel can give you the real health of the hard drive like running time, bad sectors, number of read/write errors, seeks access or the max working temperature recorded during the HDD lifetime. your tips just reallocate damaged cluster to the free space area to preserve its read/write speed performances. this errors means you have to backup datas from your HDD because its health is decreasing. but you can use it anymore as casual disk space. just remember your hard drive is dying now and you can loss the content at any time.

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  29. Hard disk logic card change karna ho to donner hard disk me kaya kaya same check karna hota hai, pls tell us, my whatsapp no 9428067159

  30. doesen't work for long time. because hard speed limited to 1kb :)) in next time

  31. hey,
    I have problem. Looks like my system.dll file is corrupted. when I try to boot windows(vista) even in safe mode HDD just clicks (one click repeated 3times) and then I can see this message: "system.dll file is corrupted or missing" and error 0xc00000e9. I tryed check disk, HDD regenerator and even windows repair tru USB with OS, which caused bluescreen of dead with error 0x00000D1. will formatting of HDD and installing OS again work? Thank you for the answer

  32. 1:37 – I have run two Seagate HDD (Seagate and Momentus) with "Quick scan" option ticked on and off and guess what? No bad blocks with "Quick scan" on were ever detected, only full scan displayed them. Symptoms: you can write to such hidden bad blocks, can partially read, delete but UNABLE to copy files from them. Drives were phisically damaged by impact shockwave whilst powered up (one in laptop and another fell off the table in ext. enclosure)

  33. Just use vivard and remap the bad sectors.

  34. This is complete bullshit. You have exactly 18 blocks of 61Mb that are bad. That's just over 1GB. You can not remove bad sectors this way, and you need to have a full scan to avoid missing. What if they are in a large range? For 5-6 damaged blocks, you will lose, for example, 500GB usable sectors? Or will you break the disk into dozens of titles? To eliminate need to format the low level. It is, for example, necessary to mark the track with damaged sectors as being larger than the real one, and some other runway preferably the most extreme being marked as the same number as the one with the fault. Or the disk is formatted, but at Dos and FAT32 to mark the damaged ones. Windows formatted the discs quickly and jumped over the defective parts. A real check for failures and their removal does not happen for a minute, as is the case with Windows. This operation is especially long for large disks.

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