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How To Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair ✔️

Repair Windows 10 using automatic repair

This video shows how the use the Automatic Repair Tool built into Windows 10. This tool can solve various problems including corrupt files, system partitions, boot sectors and drivers automatically. This tutorial also applies to users of Windows 8/8.1

If you are unable to boot into Windows to run this tool, check out my start-up repair video (which is basically a work around to get to the troubleshooting options):


25 Comments on How To Repair Windows 10 using Automatic Repair ✔️

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  2. I cannot open startmenu, because Windows is corrupted. Thx for nothing!

  3. startup repair couldn't repair your pc

  4. hi I am having the same problems with the same corrupted file error please tell me how to replace or fix that file

  5. Funny:
    the first step to fix a corrupted Windows is to open 'Settings'?
    HOW? I can click on the Start/Search buttons, select Settings from the right click menu, but nothing happens..
    That's what I want to fix, but cannot even get to the Update/Repair tools.

    Windows10 is the biggest junk since Win 2000. I never saw that many BSOD events in the last 15 years before Win10 was enforced on me. Full of nonsense, sluggish, instable, odd and slow behavior in the Explorer, bloated and self-corrupting. My XP laptop runs error free since 2006.

    What to do if the Win10 dismantles itself, disabling its own Menu functions, settings etc?
    A complete new installation destroys all personal settings, wipes out programs and apps.
    I might was well rebuild the machine with XP or Win7, to be on the safe side.

  6. I got up the automatic repair and it went to a completely blank screen and stayed that way. It will now not even switch on. Thoughts on how to sort this?

  7. Is this only for start up matters? I need to repair soemthing but it's not a start up problem.

  8. Wooow not an indian channel

  9. You fixed my GFs pc…thank you!

  10. Error 0x80070015

  11. i have forget password what can i do

  12. Done me a favour Thanks

  13. Thanks!! Needed this vid.

  14. Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest OS. Hard to believe. I absolutely hate MS. This is the best they can do in terms of recovery. Amazing. Pure greed is what this is which is why we always need choices in life. No single company should ever dominate the market. This is the situation with Microsoft. They dominate and produce shit. Their good developers have moved on. They haven't really moved on. They sacked their shit CEO but it is still one of the worse companies in the world. 20+ years I have worked in IT and I still hate Microsoft.

  15. Type settings, well that the issue I'm trying to fix !!!

  16. on the blue screen thing the windows language is danish and i litterly tried changing it 4 times to english and it still never change why is it happening to me like this

  17. can't do a system roll back in

  18. What if you forgot the password or something weird af happens where it changes on its own cause on my main rig it works but on my laptop the minute I went into safe mode my password changed? Please help

  19. I wish this video helped, however the settings you have and settings I have are different in the startup repair. So it was a dead end.

  20. when i go for start up repair, i get a result that it couldn't repair ur pc. What should i do now pls reply me asap

  21. I have a myriad of issues with W10, can't change homegroup from public to private, connected but says no internet, can't enable ipv4 or 6, and as of today the start menu will only work once after a fesh boot, after that it won't open at all, going back to W7, fuck you Gates, you need a barbed wire enema followed immediatley by a shotgun suppository you evil piece of shit.

  22. Or you can jest hold the shift button key down & press restart.

  23. How do i repair the automatic repair of windows 10 that i need to repair the windows 10?

  24. what kind of password tht you put it??

  25. Is there a way to get into the start-up-repair tool without booting windows fully?

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