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How to Reset My Dell to Factory Settings Windows 8 & 10

Use this video to Factory Reset your Dell Windows 8 or 10 laptop.
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Key being hit at 0:57 is the F8 Key
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If the Factory Reset does not work, then try reinstalling Windows

35 Comments on How to Reset My Dell to Factory Settings Windows 8 & 10

  1. I never got the menu to pop up

  2. i couldn’t reset my dell because a required drive partition was missing what can i do?

  3. Thanks wo-man for the help…

  4. How to factory reset window 7

  5. Every reset guide is just basically these blue options or setting, but when I use it, space is required. My computer is probably full of virus and i cant get rid of them and i have no space. How should I reset my pc? Thanks

  6. I pressing f8 it shows no bootable device found

  7. My dell laptop display screen is not coming, what shd I do?

  8. A solid 5 hours would be fantastic for me i been waiting 19 fricking hours and still not done

  9. Thanks Liz. That is what I need to know…..

  10. I appreciate this video. After trying all the F12 fixes I read about, thanks to this video I held down the F8 key till my finger hurt & never got past the Dell logo; but now I know this is NOT the fix for my automatic repair loop. And I will never do a hard shutdown of a computer ever again. I'm going to try the fresh install video next. ( I've already tried the 1st video & that fix didn't work either.)

  11. After clicking on reset this pc then remove all it shows required partition is missing

  12. Okay so I have a boot loop with my Dell Inspiron 7559. It will turn on and show Dell with the loading symbol for a few seconds, go dark and repeat. The only two options I have access to at this point is F2 and F12. I’ve done all the tests and everything about the hardware passed and it’s fine. I have no clue what to do. The backstory of how I got to this point is this Incase it might help: I use my laptop regularly for gaming. A few months back my computer randomly never turned on on day and the charger light would go out when I would plug it in. Tried replacing the battery and it didn’t help. Few months later I tried to turn it on and it turned on. BUT the GPU had a code 43 I noticed immediately when my games were running bad FPS on integrated graphics. I tried updating the drivers and it didn’t help. I stripped the computer open and found lots of dust build up blocking the ventilation. Cleaned it out. Didn’t work. So I researched and saw people saying to try using DDU in safe mode so I tried it. And I also installed the new drivers in safe mode. Turned off safe mode and reset the laptop and boom, first ever blue screen when booting into windows. It continued to blue screen immediately and it went to recovery. I tried to soft reset and nothing happened so I tried a factory reset and when it was complete, I reset the pc and now I’m stuck in a boot loop, can’t even make it to recovery options before it loops. Please help I don’t know what to do ????????????

  13. I have a Dell latitude d630

  14. It sent me to automatic repair

  15. After factory reset it went to “why did my PC restart?”. When i clicked next it will just go back to setup my location etc then “why did my pc restart?” Again. Its like a loop.

  16. It worked! Thank you so much my son got a virus on my computer so this is the only helpful one. Thank you so much.

  17. How can I fix my pc just shutting off when it is resetting?

  18. F8 des not work for me, F10 F11 together or separate also do not work for me 🙁 I have an Inspiron 15 7000 gaming laptop ( and yes I'm holding down the key right after I hit power button)

  19. when I press f8 after the power button reset don't show up then after a few seconds it will display "preparing automatic repair" then it will repeat again and again

  20. What are the keys i could try pressing? F8 dosent work

  21. The f8 function doesn't work on mine

  22. My screen is still stuck on the black screen after saying automatic repair, what do I do!?

  23. My computer is still stuck at the black screen after it says automatic repair, what do I do??
    I can't even get the factory reset screen to pop up

  24. My screen is still stuck on the black screen after saying automatic repair, what do I do!? You

  25. Hello, I tried the f8 function but I never got the other screen. Is there another way?

  26. I follow everything then it says “There was a problem resetting your pc” by the way I tried al of there videos you guys have about this topic

  27. I need help getting trouble shoot

  28. Hi i tried to factory reset and after its done its stuck on the dell logo..

  29. Thanks! Will be helpful if I ever need to hard reset my computer, hopefully I won’t need to.

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