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How to Scan Documents in Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP

In this video, a step-by-step tutorial is given on how to scan any type of document, paper, or object with your printer/scanner in Windows. This easy method does not require any special software; all you need is Windows Photo Gallery or Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Download Windows Live Photo Gallery for free here:

27 Comments on How to Scan Documents in Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP

  1. Thank you so much this helped me so much!

  2. Thank you. I will try it

  3. There's To long The Word Scan Documents

  4. Thank you!  Can you answer a question for me?  How do I scan multiple pages as one document?  Thanks for your help.

  5. on windows 10 simply search Fax and scan now a window appears just click on scan and scan your document or files that you want but remember you need to install the driver of your computer.

  6. Thanks! It really helped me

  7. Go die faggot

  8. thank you sooooo much, it really helped a lotttttt! im so excited now! i almost spent my entire afternoon tried to scan in a different way. thx

  9. what about if you want to save it as a doccument.

  10. Would this work for Windows 10?

    If you didn't update this

  11. i cant believe i never took the time to earn this 😛 thank you ..:)

  12. So easy – thank you!!!

  13. OMG!…It actually worked!  Thank you so much. I was beginning to think my printer was broke or something, the scan button hasn't worked in years, but the command from the PC did the trick! Thanks again!

  14. Thumbs up from me.  Since I can go for a long time between scanning documents or photos, this is always a good refresher for me.  It is even on my Favorites list.  Thanks.

  15. I am from Libya Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank You So much 

  16. Thank you so much you were so helpfyul

  17. You are a life saver. Thank goodness for people like you – who are will & skilled to share. Thank you!

  18. With my fax outa whack, this saved me a 20 mile trip to the cpa for a tax document. Much obliged, Friend.

  19. Thank you.  You made a difficult job so much easier.  Sure it's not hard once you know how, but trial and error can take forever.  Thanks.

  20. Amazing, thanks mate. 

  21. thank you.  it really helped

  22. OMG! Thank you so much, you are awesome!!!!

  23. Thank you! 😀

  24. How do I scan a document with multiple pages as one?

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