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How to Sell A Product – Sell Anything to Anyone with The 4 P's Method

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Stop settling start living

How to Sell A…

48 Comments on How to Sell A Product – Sell Anything to Anyone with The 4 P's Method

  1. Good video with truth … you just put money into anyone's pocket if they are smart enough to listen. Reading some comments, I understand the people who responded negatively are those who will always be clueless & out of money.

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  3. You're loosing half your audience telling us sociopaths not to watch. What a shame.

  4. Great, usable and simple sales tactics. This concept is what I have been missing for 20 years…

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  6. good video bro,,, just a tad harsh on the editing but great vid, great content

  7. "I want to teach you how to sell so GOOD…"
    Me: sell so WELL

  8. thank you very much, this helped me a lot. You can check also my channels if you want to create high selling videos

  9. lmaooo these comments about selling weed… come to cali and youll be moving dozens of pounds weekly:)

  10. I cant focus on anything, the camera is too near to your face.

  11. How to sell so WELL, not so GOOD. Idiot.

  12. Promise. Picture. Proof. Pitch.
    Your Welcome 🙂

  13. please brush your teeth and stand further from the camera ????

  14. Just convinced some Hasidic Jews to shave their sideburns using these techniques. Thanks!

  15. Subscribe to Daniel Tarinelli good sales advice

  16. speed it up1.25x, fucker talks so slow

  17. i am a sociopath…!!!!!!

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  19. CTA completed ????????

  20. I'll manipulate anyone if it means im gonna make a paycheck, not sure if you realize, sales is strictly Commission (you dont make money if you dont sell)

  21. What lol tell me and stop playing

  22. You: Sell me this pen
    Me: It's supreme

  23. You are too close to the camera..I’m feeling uncomfortable..

  24. This video had nothing new but it kept me watching somehow so it work, subbed

    Listen on 0.75 speed he sounds drunk????

  25. Just sold Helen Keller a pair of glasses

  26. I didn't learn a damn thing

  27. I just sold guns to the NRA.

  28. you have plaque in your teeth

  29. You made me hit the thumbs up… I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!????

  30. Thanks so much for the vid! It's practical and you gave real examples

  31. Where can I sell my custom sketch portrait art service….?

  32. if you watch at .75 speed he sounds super drunk hahahaha

  33. At least not psychopath

    I sociopath for good reason
    Used love people cared my friends now all friends gone. don't like people so don't cared about there life story my heart cold and there no campfire. Only think loved nature nice tree, grass, Lake rivers woods outdoors make me feel alive. And other stuff.

  34. Build value over your products and services. Paint the picture and provide testimonials. Use your discounts and added value services as deal closers. Easy peasy baby!

  35. Cool video. I really enjoyed it

  36. Probably been trying if the pen works on his finger before selling it to someone 5:59min

  37. what happen to your thumb 😀

  38. I promise to sell your soul to the devil..

  39. This is crap! You suck! I hope I didn’t lose my CLOSER GIFT ABILITIES by watching this!

  40. I still haven't sold shit????????????????

  41. How will you teach people how to sell when you can't sell your information for free on youtube! yes you got 3.5+ million view, but how many of them did really focus and benefited from this video!!? I liked it in general, you seem you do know your stuff, but I believe your weakness is in delivering your information, I am saying that because I am IT technical trainer, being professional in something doesn't always mean you can teach it professionally too, teaching others require set of particular skills which the two most important are body language and having your audience attention, this video failed in both.

    In that matter, I would give you some hints:
    first thing, zoom out man, people love and need to see body language.
    2nd, the pen example is way too mainstream, since "the wolf of wallstreet" movie, every selling trainer is using that example. using well-known example makes audience get distracted because internally they say "I know that story, I will check other things until he finish this one".
    3rd, and most important, you said too many "I" at the beginning, doing this is repulsive to people, present the idea, not the person who deliver it.

    Kind regards from Dubai

  42. Sorry cant help it, i watched it

    Im sociopath

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