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How to Set Password on Folder in Windows 8

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In this video tutorial we will show you how to set password on folder in windows 8

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25 Comments on How to Set Password on Folder in Windows 8

  1. 7 Zip does this to and it is free

  2. Thank you. It works

  3. Thanks its very good, But sir how to again unprotected/repair same folder.

  4. Bro in my laptop no achieve option is there

  5. mine works thx dude but can that be delete?
    and maybe those do not work try to install winrar

  6. Thanx , it's work windows 8

  7. good, you are a good man for sure i appreciate you so much!!!!!

  8. wow it works at last it work the unlike botom worker:D 🙂

  9. fuck u not on windows 8 fucker

  10. it works for me, thanks a lot

  11. i dun hev those selections….

  12. wow so shit doesnt work

  13. Easy to break. You open the folder, drag the file out of the folder to your desktop and click on it. Then it doesn't ask for the password

  14. You will need WinRar for this to work

  15. your tutorial sucks

  16. Awesome Broo It's Really Work
    Winrar Is Required For Set A Password

  17. I'm examining philosophies on people's way of executing very small task what is it with you fucking idiots that don't know how to talk much. Be a fucking foreigner

  18. Bloody wanker! Doesn't work. Options you show don't exist

  19. Sir, I have executed the above mentioned action: namely, right-clicking the file. However, it seems you need a additional program to validate your method. Is this correct?

  20. guys you need winrar to do that

  21. sounds like dragon ball kai's narrator XD

  22. Misleading video. Do not watch.

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