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How To Setup BitLocker On Windows 8/10 [Tutorial]

This tutorial will show you how to setup Bitlocker Device Encyption on Windows 8/10 for drive encryption. Please note this will only work for Professional and Enterprise versions on Windows.

From Microsoft:

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature of the operating system that was first made available in Windows Vista. Subsequent operating system releases have continued to improve the security offered by BitLocker to allow the operating system to provide BitLocker protection…

21 Comments on How To Setup BitLocker On Windows 8/10 [Tutorial]

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  2. Dude, bit locker is completely missing from my system, how do i get it?

  3. Thanks a lot buddy it's working…………………………:D

  4. very useless software good way to lock yourself out of Windows this is not the worth the price of professional

  5. Excellent tutorial. Shame I only have Windows 10 Home. And you made it perfectly clear right at the start that the option is only available on the Pro or the Enterprise version. Thanks.

  6. It should be known that if you have a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) installed on your system motherboard. It's as simple as just turning on BitLocker. I'm using BitLocker on two computers with Windows 10 Pro.

  7. wow gr8 tutorials bro….keep it up….very useful…..

  8. Jesus, so many steps just for encryption. I think I'm cool with letting a hacker / robber take my shit then having to deal with the drama of setting that up.

  9. Is that….is that really a floppy disk drive? :O

  10. This video shows you how to bypass TPM and encrypt your C drive. It's great and well done. Easy to follow. Ty to MDTechVideos!!!

  11. i am using windows 10 .there is no showing bitlocker option

  12. Great video – What would you use if you did not have bitlocker?

  13. Thanks u help me twice

  14. my bitlocker is disabled by default in win 10 pro

  15. thank you sir…..!!!

  16. I never fucking enabled bit locker why am I locked out of my laptop

  17. You say that you need to change the BitLocker local policy to enable the alternate methods of authentication, such as a USB Flash Drive. You don't mention that this is less secure – anyone can copy the key on the flash drive if they get a hold of it, defeating the point of the exercise completely.

    Using a TPM is much more secure and is resistant to such tampering, in addition to performing other system integrity checks on boot. I think you should have promoted using a TPM more, and presented editing the local policy as a last resort. At least on desktops, TPMs can be added in via a header on most motherboards for less than £10.

  18. Is it necessary to update group policy after Installing mbam cLient…?

  19. Vitalik Buterin 🙂

  20. Great tutorial..very simple and easy to follow through like ABCD.. I give you 100% because you know the stuff..Keep it up..Guess it is the same process for Windows 7 pro, enterprise and ultimate..

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