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How to Speed up your Internet Connection for Windows 7,8,8.1,10

Speed up your Internet with PC TWEAKS. More Tweaks here:

Don’t forget to check Part 1,3 & 4 for BEST RESULTS !

Uninstall whatever browser you using right now,
remove cookies, cache and registry and install Google Chrome.

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23 Comments on How to Speed up your Internet Connection for Windows 7,8,8.1,10

  1. REG TWEAKS link doesn't work. Thanks in advance.

  2. 1:03 i cant find the code i only see
    @echo off
    del /s /f /q c:windowstemp.
    rd /s /q c:windowstemp
    md c:windowstemp
    del /s /f /q C:WINDOWSPrefetch
    del /s /f /q %temp%.
    rd /s /q %temp%
    md %temp%
    deltree /y c:windowstempor~1
    deltree /y c:windowstemp
    deltree /y c:windowstmp
    deltree /y c:windowsff*.tmp
    deltree /y c:windowshistory
    deltree /y c:windowscookies
    deltree /y c:windowsrecent
    deltree /y c:windowsspoolprinters
    del c:WIN386.SWP

  3. I love you dude whenever i reset my pc i come here : )

  4. can't access plugins page anymore through chrome://plugins, is there another way around it?

  5. its 10 or 16 ? in decimal or hexadecimal ?

  6. hello name of song pliz ?

  7. do i have to make all of this ?

  8. which one is better Open DNS or Google DNS?? pls reply 🙂

  9. So glad to have run into your channel mate, been using my laptop for over 3 years now and its just not what it used to be anymore. all these tips and tweaks saved me from buying a new computer for another year or 2, thanks a bunch man! subbed

  10. i can't find the flow control 🙁

  11. +PC Tweaks Do we need to follow everything or just one of the video

  12. it worked my utorrent speed was 1.2 kbps but when i followed ur tweaks it reached up to 300 kbps!!!!! thanks

  13. if i use 64 bit win 10 should i make 32bit dvord or qword 64? tnx

  14. i have 64 bit? so instead of d word i will used qword?

  15. Worked for me on windows 10 !!

  16. code system.ini please and thanks mr pc tweaks for this video you're great

  17. where did you get the code?

  18. this fixed my lag on youtube #fuckyeah

  19. U should of put the music 10 times louder

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