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How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Computer Windows 8 Free w/ iTunes Library

See to how to transfer music from iPod to computer Windows 8 with iTunes 11. If your computer crashed or you got a new computer, you need to see how to transfer music from ipod to itunes for free & easy. Learn quickly how to copy them back on a Windows 8 computer from your iPod.This puts your songs and music back on your computer within the Apple iTunes library. See how to have iTunes organize your music files automatically for you for Free too. Smile, life can be good…

27 Comments on How to Transfer Songs from iPod to Computer Windows 8 Free w/ iTunes Library

  1. Great video, worked perfectly, thanks so much

  2. I used this for my Windows 10, thank you so much

  3. I did that but not all the songs that I uploaded to my ipod are showing up on iTunes. Is anyone else getting the same thing.
    Thanks in advance.

  4. omg I LOVE YOU! you're a life saver! I was so desperate ahahaha

  5. Great help and explanation I was able to save all my music that I believe to be trapped for ever in the pod thanks

  6. Great video. When i did this it never showed the itunes control folder???

  7. I love how he sounds like a flight attendant 🙂

  8. Great! thank you! Worked perfectly! All – absolutely critical to view hidden files. See 1:151:41

  9. can we directly paste in desktop

  10. Despite running Windows 10 and an old Ipod Nano, this worked perfectly for me.THANK YOU !

  11. Thank you so much Nicks! That was a big help. I was able to recover my music files from my old iPod. Howabout videos, how do I retrieve videos and photos?

  12. Thank you so much this was extremely helpful!!!!! Thumbs up

  13. Awesome vid. Thanks man!!!

  14. thanks u so much it was so helpful

  15. Thank you SO much for posting this. I've had my iPod nano for so long and I really wanted to have my music in my computer just in case something were to happen to my iPod, given that it's very old. I cannot thank you enough.

  16. thank you, thank you, thank you…..the sequence of steps provided made this such an easy process

  17. this was so helpful but the file song names are abbreviaced to a point where the only way to know what song I'm playing I have to play it first then rename the file , thank you for showing how move my songs from my old Ipod to my computer

  18. After giving Show hidden files. It shows no Control folder. What should I do ?

  19. Thank you Nick! I managed to follow your steps through Windows 7 and recovered all my music off an old iPod! I really appreciate your video/work/effort. JMY

  20. thanks dude that was A!. Very well explained

  21. What if you're transferring 500+ songs from your laptop's library to the new iPod? Can you just drag everything into the first (F00) folder in your iPod? And can you do this with a Macbook, too?

  22. Thank you so much!! This did the trick!!

  23. damn man you are a genius thanks for the good video

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