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20 Comments on How To – Tutorials – Windows 8: How To Install Windows 8 Release Preview & Features

  1. Dude wahtvarevyou use to recording?

  2. Bye the way at the end you can see through the check board

  3. hey can i install windows 8 even tho i have windows 98 still :/ i tried placing the cd n trying to open the program but wont work help 🙂

  4. You can use the windows 7 disk, Just make sure to delete the windows 8 partition. 🙂

  5. How do you reformat it? I have windows 7 right now and not going to get windows 8 till maybe november or after christmas

  6. I actually had to reformat my computer. Because I wanted Win7 back. But depending how you installed it, did you overwrite Win7?

  7. So how do you uninstall this if you want windows 7 back?

  8. how to do this on a tablet?

  9. do i just simply install this to my laptop?

  10. but you'd have to reformat back to Win 7?

  11. kinda feels like both, i don't find it as fast as 7, but still decent ;p

  12. nice tut bro! 😀

  13. you can uninstall this right?

  14. the only think i don't like is how some programs are don't work with win 8, but other than that it's pretty sweet. feels a little slower then win 7 too me

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