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47 Comments on How to Unlock Administrator Account in Windows 8

  1. I need admin access in order to change any settings on my computer, it won't even let me use task manager

  2. I don't have local users and group

  3. My admin account is changed to guest and guest account is changed to admin.Now I am unable to install and change some setting. Please any one help to fix that

  4. how the FUCK are we supposed to change to admin user when the very method you show us (control panel access) is an ADMIN PRIVILEGE!? Don't go leading the horse by the carriage mate! FFS, change your yt name if you can't live up to it cunt!

  5. well for these people with windows 8 just use your search bar that you access from the right

  6. but in my pc it is showing" access is denied"

  7. it is saying access is denied when I applyo

  8. access denied when I click on Administrator

  9. I get: Cannot open eventlog service on computer '.'

  10. mine says "the following error occurred while attempting to save properties for user Administrator. Access is denied" My computer has no admin account, all the accounts I have are local accounts. How can I fix it?

  11. I Don't know how to go to the Control Panel RiP

  12. Thx qlot it worked

  13. can't make that ????????????

    it show….

    the following error occurred while attempting for user administrator:
    access is denied.

  14. but i don't see the "Local Users and Groups"folder

  15. it says error when i click computer management

  16. I don't have that option asshole

  17. acces is denied wen pressing properties

  18. i dont have user options

  19. thank you so much ur video helped me a lot..

  20. I don't have the local user option


  22. The following error occurred while attempting to save properties for user Administartor

  23. It says accsess denied wtf…..

  24. If you have the home or basic editions of Win 8.x, the snapin won't be accepted unless you spend more $$$ to upgrade.

    However, the following work-around will give you an admin account to work with and get you out of trouble:


  25. i dont have this option in my system(local user or group)
    help me. someone if knows that solution

  26. I don't see no "user" option of any kind..

  27. mine does not have local users groups so how can i unlock it? please tell me how?

  28. Mine says it's an error please help??


  30. my account is already enabled

  31. I dont have that option too i want windows 10. When i go to updates it says importants updstes blocked by admin and other update.

  32. He was in windows 7 for god's sake

  33. +HowTech  i dont have a users option, and seeing the comments on this video… neither does anybody else

  34. I don't have the file:"Local Users and Google".

  35. my school computer is windows8 and trying to get rid of admin shit

  36. I f  u c k I n g need admins password to even go to control panel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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