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How to Use a Speed Square | Ask This Old House

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva demonstrates the amazing versatility of the humble rafter square.
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Shopping List for How to Use a Speed Square:
– PVC baluster [ used to make Speed Square holder
– 3/4-inch plywood strip [ for reinforcing PVC baluster
– Short screws [ and belt clip [

Tools List for How to Use a Speed…

27 Comments on How to Use a Speed Square | Ask This Old House

  1. Using it as a fence for a saw is a new one for me. Thanks Tom.

  2. That Tommy is one smart feller.

  3. Have they got metric versions of these?

  4. Looks like This Old House shops at Harbor Freight. I bought my 1st 12" dual bevel miter saw. A lot of places online say to use a speed square to square up the miter saw. I bought the same speed square from Harbor Freight today that you are using in the video.

  5. Wow man great explaining

  6. This should be taught in schools to everyone.

  7. Tom Silva – Construction Jedi

  8. Wow … I am a little embarrassed to admit just how much I learned from this video … mind blown.

  9. Da square can be also used 4 shankin ????????????????

  10. Tom Silva is one of my heros. Ranks right up there with Dave Murray from Iron Maiden, cardiologist Dr. Harvey Feiganbaum, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, George Carlin and John Wayne. Yep…I'm weird all right.

  11. I have mine made with razor sharp edges. Where I work it comes in handy, akin to a Ninja star for self defense. Don't leave home without it.

  12. Did you know some ppl watch this just to see a N2 pencil to be used!!!??? Kidding, love the video guys!!

  13. Love your show!!!

  14. Here I am only using this thing for 90 degree angles

  15. A 2×4 is 3.5 inches? ????

  16. Love it ????????????????????????

  17. Also call it the Swanson Square, they invented it in 1925!!!!!

  18. tHeR sTooPiD!!
    tHaT a tRyAngLe

  19. Tommy is the man . Would love to work along side him

  20. The gentlemen in TOH are the best. Enjoy watching them for 30 years

  21. Tom's speed square holder inspired us to make the EZ Square Holder (100% Made in the USA) ! Check it out, it might help you too! 100% Made in the USA.

  22. This video only explained half of what a speed square can do. Still need to explain more for pitches, exc…

  23. I well up inside hearing you talk inches theEU took ours away.

  24. Pretty cool video I didn't know that thanks for tip

  25. Dont read the book that comes with it,Tommy is magic! Morons

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