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How to use Microsoft Paint

This Tutorial will cover the basics of using Paint and also commands and how to use the paint and the brushes and other tools. My computer in this video is a Dell Inspiron 1300 and my operating system is Windows 7.

I don’t explain a lot in this video, but if you have any other questions, please let me know in the comments below!

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45 Comments on How to use Microsoft Paint

  1. full from of paint

  2. I have a Windows 7

  3. why the hell are you doing this you a

  4. when you resize it to make it bigger, would it get blurred?

  5. It’s soo hard for me to draw on window paint for me ;-;

  6. zzzzzzzzzzzzz please don't tell me you are a teacher. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. Hi Do You Want Free Subscribers? Well Then At The Bottom Of This Video You Would See a Thumbs up i want you to press that, after you pressed that i want you to look under the SHARE Button Thats Right There's Something that says SUBSCRIBE i want you to click that too say the amount of subscribers you want cross your fingers and close your eyes for 10 seconds wait a day and BAM your desired amount of subscribers is there

  8. Cool video! Check out my Micosoft paintings Titled: "Don's Art Paintings" at: "time lapse videos by donald granger" including time lapse music videos of thunderstorms, moon rises, sun sets and snow melting.

  9. Thknx its vry helpful to my child

  10. Delete it and get a better program like fire alpaca

  11. Can you change hue and saturation and color on it?

  12. Please help me find the function where you can grab a background colour and then use it to fill in things thanks

  13. 1.First draw your vomiting
    2.make every effect that you see
    3.You are ready

  14. This actually a vid on my website lol

  15. Thx you, you taught me something new

  16. I don't care what kind of paint it is because it is exactly what i am using. i scrolled down and all the negative comments. For those of you who are beginners, like me… keep watching if you are willing to learn. i know a lot of it, however, a few things were very useful. So THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND EFFORT! I'm sure it takes a lot making a tutorial for so many ungratefuls!!

  17. Do I ever miss Picasa.

  18. ….how do you do come here I don't see any need for the bird around here so give it back wait yeah want to go back and we'll be out of here in no time just how a bullet can do nothing but give you a gun and a hand to hold onto…. somebody better start talking or else well I think I got it yeah so the first thing I noticed what does the scene look like from here and now you know wait what who told you here I'll show you ….for that I will need an assistant for which around here it goes without saying don't wait come and get it and now you know…. life is Rough hang on and I wouldn't have it any other way come on we don't have a whole lot of time to do this I said so don't make me do it and I'll just wear this out yeah where did this come from What do you have in your hand explain this to melisten my ride is on E when will it stop.

    ( =) enjoy! Microwave. For? . . @ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . + . . . 3.5 Minutes?

  19. Any idea how to delete or edit an object (eg arrow) that you've placed on the image? I want to change the font size of the text I've placed on the image.

  20. "Partner rating
    No mature content"

  21. i learnded at myself

  22. very helpful

  23. I use your face

  24. new version plzzzz


  26. How do you get an hand draw image from paint to Word 2007

  27. wow what this video really sucks cuz it gave me the biggest virus everBUT WHY DOES THE VIRUS IN MY LAPTOP STILL HERE? IT'S BEEN HERE FOR A YEAR AND AN ENTITRY. WOW :0

  28. how can I download ms paint?

  29. How to change language of text in paint

  30. Sehr gutes Tutorial. Möchte an der Stelle mal auf den Kanal von meinem Freund hinweisen der sich gerade als Computerfachmann selbstständig macht.


  32. For some reason I can't find it

  33. R.I.P Microsoft Paint 1985-2017

  34. I don't understand pixeles, poportion, resizing. how do I know what i do eill come out into a 4 x 6 photo at correct resolution? I am working with photos.

  35. Can we have this app on iPad?

  36. come on dude i draw better then that : B

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