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How to Use Mouse Keys in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP Tutorial | The Teacher

With Mouse Keys in Ease of Access Center of Control Panel, you can use Numeric Key Pad to move your Mouse Pointer instead of Computer Mouse. Mouse Keys come to handy in an emergency situation when your computer mouse stopped working and you have some urgent work to do or, people who have difficulty holding the computer mouse can use the Mouse Keys. Mouse Keys was first introduced in Windows 95 and continue to support following version of Windows up to Windows 10.

In this video, you will…

15 Comments on How to Use Mouse Keys in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP Tutorial | The Teacher

  1. can someone help me? im using mouse keys because my right click is broken and i want to use it in a game but it dosent work

  2. نه نه نه ، ببینید من میخوام که وقتی مثلا کلیک چپ میکنم بجاش دکمه اسپیس کار کنه
    اینکارو چطور باید انجام بدم؟؟

  3. อัพเกรด windows 10 เมาส์ไม่ทำงานแก้ไขยังไงครับ

  4. How can I do if I don't have mouse. It's doesn't work

  5. What is the music you are playing in the background here?

  6. sir mouse se padhte samy line kaise khija jata h

  7. Well what I have not seen how do it if you don't have a mouse to turn on mouse keys

  8. What About A Keyboard Without Num Lock

  9. thank u i can learn lots of thing in this video and i fix our problem to use this tutorial

  10. this doesnt work. as soon as i unplug the mouse the cursor dissapears

  11. amazing method of teaching ????

  12. it says ctrl instead of shift

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