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How to Use OBS Studio (Beginners Guide)

Recently in the “Free Software” series, I showed you OBS Studio, which is a free and open source screen recorder for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In the comments of that video, many of you asked for me to do a tutorial. In this beginner’s guide, I will show you how to set-up and use OBS Studio.

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OBS Studio

0:25 Where to get OBS Studio
0:59 Setup Screen Capture…

30 Comments on How to Use OBS Studio (Beginners Guide)

  1. For those of you that requested this tutorial. Hopefully it helped you with the basics of getting started with OBS Studio. I used to record my screen with "iSpring Free Cam", which is good. OBS Studio is a lot better with higher frame rates and more options. Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. I have heard that using the hotkeys can mess with your recording. Mainly, OBS not recording the entire video. Anyone else heard of this?

  3. can you use the mic on your head phones?

  4. bye bye bandicam and hello obs!

  5. Thank you so much,you helped me so much 🙂

  6. This doesn't work for me it won't record my screen still

  7. Can you use obs on chromebook?

  8. i clicked the start recording and it was recording after i stop recording i cant find the video

  9. ME:RIP Bandicam
    OBS:Time to get a kid

  10. I can't hear my recording. I recorded my Netflix screen but I am trying to play it in VLC and I can't here anything.

  11. I did the display capture but my screen it still black please explain

  12. I tried to open but all I see is a black screen. What can I do?

  13. Thank you so much!!!! I’m not the smartest so I could never figure it out by myself ????

  14. I never understood why when you open obs and endless abyss of your desktop shows up

  15. Can you set this up on HP

  16. Still black screen

  17. Thank you for tutorial, is more useful!

  18. Thanks dude! This helped me a lot 😀 Keep up the good work! ????????

  19. Can i stream using one monitor?

  20. thank youuuuuuuuuuu

  21. i have a nice $800 pc that runs games from 100-200fps AND I STILL CANT RECORD MY SCREEN WITHOUT LAG AND HAVE GOOD QUALITY

  22. Please someone help me
    When I choose display capture and I have to select the monitor I want to record, it says no properties available so now I can’t record anything

  23. Hey Tech so i done something before i watched this vid and it says enter stream info and what is a stream key?? Please answer asap

  24. this helped me alot thanks!

  25. thank you.. for making this video ????????????

  26. when i use display capture, it says no properties are available. help please

  27. how do i watch the video and how do i upload it

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