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How to Use Recovery Partition on Windows 8/8.1

This video will show you [How to Use Recovery Partition] on Windows 8/8.1.

1. Recovery Menu.
2. System Recovery.

If the preload image of your notebook is Windows 7, please refer to following FAQ. Thank you.

16 Comments on How to Use Recovery Partition on Windows 8/8.1

  1. How to create a new recovery partition when reinstalling a new copy of windows on a SSD? since cloning from a HDD to SSD makes recovery partition useless.

  2. will the drivers that came with the laptop (like audio boost, or killerE2200…) will be kept or not? because i want to clean my computer from many programs installed that made it slower when it comes to gaming, but i would hate to reinstall the drivers manually, like i have done when reinstalling operating systems from other computers.

  3. I've done that and it fucked my computer

  4. Hi. I have just used "Reset" and apply to "Only the drive where Windows is installed". But after I reset only I noticed that I forgot to backup some important files that I left on desktop. How can I recover them please?

  5. To activate windows 7 ultimate, i shared a link to you:
    my office got here and works well, sharing with you, wish it can help you too

  6. i cant find updata and recovery in there.

  7. How about WIN 10?

  8. it deletes all my files and i am not going to loose any

  9. On my Msi PC the F3 function don´t work….

  10. Can you make a videio on how to update your BIOS please.

  11. ty for this msi, my msi 2PC stealth have resently beginning to be slow. and i have tried alot of thing. and to realize that you had a program for that all along, shows me how good of a company you are. so for now i will try to resset it and hopefully it wil work:DDDDDD

  12. that text to speech tho…

  13. I wish I had msi notebook because I get many hateful virus on my PC. :((

  14. primer comentario =DDDD

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