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How to Use the Windows 8 Music App For Dummies

The Windows 8 Music app is a lot different from the Windows Media Player of old. This video shows you how to use the Music app to arrange, filter, and listen to the music you want to hear from your computer’s Music Library.

17 Comments on How to Use the Windows 8 Music App For Dummies

  1. I DL'd Windows Media Player 12 the day I got my Windows 8.1 computer…but being the curious weirdo I am, I watched this video and tried out the Win8 music app.

    WHY would anybody choose the new app over WMP12?  Not to say I'm entirely pleased with how WMP12 handles syncing with my mp3 player or how they made tag editing a complete pain in the arse….. but it STILL runs loops around this junk. It's like comparing GIMP to MS Paint. 🙁

  2. I could not figure out how to find the playback functions until I watched this video, hella confusing system.

  3. Yes, but how do you add songs into your music library?

  4. No stop????? or do you have to go to a charm to stop, I sure it's not one step like pushing stop????? No wonder people hate Windows 8.

  5. The best solution by far would be to install winamp and never use that thing that they call a music player!

  6. Yeah…like everyone will ever use the default music player on windows

  7. Ugh i know i have the same problem!

  8. Do you know how to play music in the background without the music volume being lowered? if I switch back to desktop mode the music gets lowered. Is there an option to stop that? Plz reply soon

  9. how do you make the photo collage thing appear in the background while playing a song??

    it displays when i play music before but it stopped for some reasons i dont know… now it only plays some kind of moving background thing when i play music…

    anyone know how to make it appear again?

  10. This is the worst music app I have ever used. Does this stupid thing not run in window mode, or what?

  11. the Xbox section does not come up for me…only the My music part

  12. hey my problem is when i open the library and open a song it only comes this crappy startsite..
    what do i have to change?

  13. I just use the keyboard's volume control or remote. However, yes… almost everything takes extra steps. You start with tiles and its a step to get to your collection, an extra step to search, an extra step to keep bringing up the songs of an album, you need to into a full-screen view of a song to fast-forward, etc. The store is just confusing – it mixes what you have, rent, and can buy and it shows ads while shopping! It is easier to buy a song on your phone. I use WMP or WMC to play music.

  14. how can I add music from my drive to library

  15. maybe the xbox music store is not available in your region, same happens to me.

  16. the option for the store does not appear, just the local music library, what can I do? How do I set it up??

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