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How to Win a Street Fight – 3 Dangerous Moves!

Dangerous Street Fighting Moves. Kung Fu has it all…..Health, Fitness, Internal Exploration, Art, History, Culture, Earthly Connection, and SELF DEFENSE! Chinese Kung Fu including Tai Chi is the original Martial Art from China that taught ancient Chinese people to defend themselves while striving to attain a higher state of humanity! These are 3 street lethal fighting moves from animal Kung Fu (Eagle Claw, Tiger, Snake, and Bird). Train them often, be safe, have fun, and train with…

27 Comments on How to Win a Street Fight – 3 Dangerous Moves!

  1. my friend fought someone in the Philippines and used something similar to the first move hitting the same spot on the neck and he killed the person and went to jail

  2. Thanks for teach me


  4. Rock Lee would still whoop his ass

  5. those are some gentle moves. thanks to ray gilette from archer for the demo

  6. I studied REX-KWAN-DO and became a grandmaster in 3 short weeks.

  7. I know boxing, kick boxing, judo, karate now i wanna learn jung fu and taikwondo but no one teaches these martial arts near my home ????????????

  8. The real MVP is the dude gettin hit

  9. Terrible kick technique very un balanced

  10. Sorry to say, but these got patched in the last update

  11. Your front kick is week younare leaning back…you can ne rsn over because of your bslnce and it is not as powerful

  12. That duck tho..

  13. thanks it helped me fight my bullies and they only hit me once on the leg XD

  14. Thx for teaching me that did really help me ????

  15. No hate but this is pure concentrated tactical rubbish. The attacker attacks you because he is an agressive piece of shit + he thinks he's stronger. These guys are pretty tough in the streets. You won't be able to defend yourself using this garbage. Think of (kick)boxing in a street fight, if you learn these martial arts and become good at it, no kungfu bullshido master will kick your ass.

  16. this poor man taking a beating

  17. im not gonna sit hear and listen to someone teach my how to make my hand into an eagle

  18. Is this a fucking joke

  19. I have a fight tomorrow wish me luck !

  20. What if the bully saw this video too ?…..

  21. With these moves I would brutalize this guy in a street fight while he’s trying to fight like a mortal kombat fighter ????

  22. Anyone watching this because they want to fight someone? (I'm not going to fight anyone, I just want to XD)

  23. Is this a joke ?? Smh should be a crime to teach people this shit

  24. Yo this is cringe bro

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