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How to Win At Rock-Paper-Scissors Every Time – Scam School

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Magic Secrets Revealed: Without looking, peeking, or even cheating, we show you how to pick the winner in a virtual game of rock-paper-scissors.

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20 Comments on How to Win At Rock-Paper-Scissors Every Time – Scam School

  1. this is ridiculous he never explains the most important part of when do you go clockwise and when counter clockwise. waste of time

  2. This is a pretty cool trick. It's a shame it has NOTHING to do with playing rock-paper-scissors. Misleading title.

  3. 08:26 a rainbow inside a triangle…. Pink Floyd anyone?

  4. Your hair frightens and confuses me.

  5. Crap. Scam by name, scam by nature….

  6. Not rock paper scissors but ok.

  7. Scissors could sure fix your hair problem !!!

  8. to you talk too much

  9. for someone it could be easier to imagine a column and every switch changes from top-down to bottom-up

  10. Does anyone have an asprine to spare?

  11. 3:19 we saw a mirror xD

  12. This guy obviously dosent know how to play this game


  14. this one is actually really easy figured it out while he does it. if you just don't change anything hed be fucked tho

  15. This does not take into account that more than one player may choose the same 'implement' (scissor, paper or rock) and can only tell which player won after the event (given the above restriction) not before and only in a contrived situation. Given these shortcomings it's a clever trick, though it does not teach you how to always win at SPR, far from it.

  16. This is considered social engineering? lmao

  17. Loud music sucks. Can't hear what he is saying.

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