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How To Win At Rock Paper Scissors

It’s not a game of chance.
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Branden Sueper

20 Comments on How To Win At Rock Paper Scissors

  1. What happens if it is a guy versus a guy? Eh. Should have explained that..

  2. Another trick is when you’re about to throw your hand down, point to their shirt and say you’ve got a big on your shirt. Then brush it away and keep playing. They will pick scissors almost every time.

  3. Actually it has to do with probability and knowledge not phycological reasons

  4. Also, to win it, you need to know how it works, it's simple.

    There is 3 options, rock, paper, or scissors
    Scissors cuts paper
    Rock snaps siccors
    Paper covers rock

  5. If you close your eyes they could just switch it quick so they don't loose lol????

  6. To much bad so much bad you are ediot

  7. This makes no sense.

  8. This is funny for some reason

  9. I know how to make someone get scissors if you ask them a ramdom question then play it makes them get scissors idk how but we tried it with everyone in our class but didnt tell them and it only didnt work with one girl

  10. Why is it so hateful towards men

  11. That what they want you to do

  12. I usally throw rock even though I'm a girl

  13. this did not help me anything

  14. Rock Paper Scissors, Shoot!

    Rock-If you chose rock, you tied!
    Paper-If you chose paper, you win!
    Scissors-If you chose scissors, you lost.
    Reply if you won or not! Don't lie…

  15. i won so many times by doing this XD

  16. close my eye opponent cheat by throwing out late

  17. What of you are playing against a girl or woman?

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