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How to win in PUBG MOBILE “The Middle” TIPS!

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The Beginning Ep 1:

Hello Everybody in this video The7WorldsGaming will be showing you some tips and best practices on how to win in PUBG MOBILE! This PUBG MOBILE series will be split into 3 episodes so make sure to subscribe to stay up to date.

24 Comments on How to win in PUBG MOBILE “The Middle” TIPS!

  1. I do the same thing when swimming, i have killed so many people splashing around on the surface, even run some over with the boat, i avoid the big bridges as too many camp them particularly in squad mode, and i like to flank around, fire, reload then move to another shooting position, and watch as people move in on my last position and kill them, i play mostly in squad mode, always fire, reload then move if you can, many a time i got caught out trying to shoot someone only to be killed during the reload animation…if in squad mode, then watch each others backs, take turns looting while the others patrol, move together and at set distances.

    Learn squad tactics and maneuvers, never, ever stand still particularly out in the open and never run in straight lines, always move side to side watching the flanks, if traveling together as a squad on foot, decide your formations first, if you move in a column and chevrons, the two middle people watch the flanks while the front and back watch the rear and front, opposite if moving in a line, the middle people watch forward and backward and the outside people watch the flanks, well thats what works for us…hope this helps someone out there.

    Awesome tutorial, thanks for making them.

    Peace from New Zealand.

  2. This video series is sponsored by the phrase "Go Ahead"

  3. the pubg mobile so easy win, but pubg pc so hard to win.

  4. You should improve your aiming at close range

  5. Is it hard to win I won on my first try

  6. Anyone else exited YouTube at the beginning cause you thought your pubg randomly opened?

  7. Are u using Claw hand technique Sir

  8. 4:18 always say try to be aware
    But he was not aware that there was a cliff there

  9. So you should Pretty much, Go ahead and.

  10. please make a video how to stop lagging

  11. R u eligible for monetization ??

  12. Can we use joystick to play pubg

  13. Show us your settings and graphics please

  14. What are u using for screen recording on mobile?


  16. Anyone else get annoyed by how often he says "go ahead and…"?

  17. Lol bots are going to be better because of this video ????????

  18. Which phone do the7wg has

  19. Thanks I watched the vid and I played a game after that and won it for my first winner winner chicken dinner

  20. Why do u call urself a pro when u use UZI as secondary and not a sniper

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