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HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

This unboxing of the 8X from HTC covers most of the hardware stuff, but I’ll be doing a series of blog videos about my 30-day attempt to switch from iPhone to Windows Phone 8. Stay tuned!

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20 Comments on HTC 8X Windows Phone 8 Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

  1. The Audio In This Is A Bit Shocking On Its Quality

  2. How much would it cost in LA California?

  3. can it run off verizon for a carrier

  4. Linus you are so smart dude! I know that purely because we both have a hatred to Apple products lol. 

  5. 250 euros in my country, might get!

  6. I can't find any that are yellow

  7. I got mine last week for 149$ prepaid rogers no contract

  8. I love how smart phones are starting to have their own true graphics cards, processors, etc with actual specs you can measure and compare among others. I bet in 10 years or so, the way we're always shrinking technology, laptops will be considered the new desktops, and phones/tablets will be considered the new laptop. What's beyond that? Maybe watches… or glasses.. or an unobtrusive mini-computer that connects directly into your brain. Just a few more die shrinks!

  9. My friend has this phone. He says the Beats audio broke his also Beats Urplay earbuds

  10. 00:10 lol axe and a graphics card in the background

  11. much better hardware and software from an iphone! and 220$ in my country!

  12. i just ordered this.. i hope it doesnt disappoint me

  13. it is a cool looking phone I have one but it keeps playing up!

  14. id problary get that phone if it had a bigger screen :/ i really like the look of the phone and windows phone 8 looks like it could be pretty nice:)

  15.  Very cool review and very nice phone. Dear Santa … 

  16. I got this phone on Friday!I love it you told me things I didn't even know aboutit

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