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Huawei P10 Lite Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

Huawei P10 Lite tips, tricks & hidden features: The P10 Lite may not look like its namesake’s more powerful offerings (the P10 and P10 Plus) but its Emotion UI 5.1-based user experience offers many of the same benefits. Here’s how to find and leverage some of its most useful abilities.

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23 Comments on Huawei P10 Lite Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

  1. How to hidden screen camera p10lite

  2. When i bought my phone i had an option in a bar/mini tool menu in left upper corner which would allow me to see fps frame cpu and it would put a purple box over anything that has clickable area like over apps and so on and so on now after i have not used it for while simply i didn't need it i cannot seem to find it if this was a developer feature only for mechanics or something that was left for some reason in my phone or something however i know for all that the button for that is now gone. Please help.

  3. I still dont know how to turn microphone on to record screen… 🙁

  4. How can we activate the gyroscope on the phone please ?

  5. I bought that phone 2 years ago and I still use it.I must say it is serving me pretty well,although the battery is kind of dying.It cant do that thing ""10 minutes,2 hours watching youtube"".And it goes from 100% to 20% fast.Im thinking of replacing the battery.Is it a good idea?

  6. Huawei p9 eva l19 not spaport volte

  7. With the blue line if you make circle its like you can cut photos or what i dont understand how that wotk

  8. These are not any fucking tips, tricks or hidden features.
    These are all normal functions to find in the settings.
    If you need to show such things, then people are retreating in development.

  9. 2:33 when u got messenge from girl and she say she want to do thing

  10. Funny cos i am watching on the P10 huawei phone

  11. How can we make work flash player on it? Thanks.

  12. Maybe there will be Huawei P30 🙂 (I writed this in 2019)

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  14. but the p10 lite doesnt have a home button

  15. How to revive back recordings which you have deleted and i haven't backup the recordings.

  16. How to create user account & guest account in Huawei P10 lite

  17. i have glove mode on my p9 lite but the gf doesnt on her p10 lite. anyone know why?

  18. I don't find the floating dock can anyone help me!!

  19. P10 lite has very low voice

  20. Im watching this on a p10 lite

  21. I Have Black bars any help or tricks to remove

  22. howa to change keyboard pic plz

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