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Imaging Devices Missing From Device Manager In Windows 10/8/7 [Fixed]

TUTORIAL: how to fix Imaging devices missing from device manager using windows 10/8/7. If your laptop camera not detected or imaging devices are not showing up in device manager and Computer says, we can’t find your camera then, this Video will be helping you. Here I am showing with windows 10 -any later version 2019-18 laptops but according to this tutorial, you also can solve the same problem on windows 8/windows 8.1/windows 7 and Windows XP or Vista using any laptops.

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22 Comments on Imaging Devices Missing From Device Manager In Windows 10/8/7 [Fixed]

  1. None of this worked. But a solution is out there. What happened is my PC did bad things when my camera cord touched water (yes) while plugged in. Nothing could make my PC find my camera. THEN.. BY LUCK 2 WEEKS LATER Microsoft sent me an update warning, a BIG UPDATE, the kind that takes hours for my Windows 10,2015 version. Lo and Behold! device manager could find my camera and all the files matched for photos.
    Not sure how that will help you…but a solution is there besides using the camera's own software..but that puts everything separate (unseen by your PC ) and many more clicks to upload photos.
    So..somehow get a big update!

  2. Didn't work for me. Still don't have my webcam working.

  3. I don't have a hard wear and devices on my trouble shooting and idk what to do because I need my webcam to work.

  4. F****g worthless. Not a damned screen capture matches anything on my Lexmark notebook.

  5. I had a camera's UBS fail after we had a triple power outage over 12 hours. The on and off 3x..blew the ports for the PC and point and shoot Canon Camera. Then found that my next Canon camera used off the internet? Has USB 2.0 need and wont work in the one port left on the PC. So,it wont download into devices. EVER now. But,It does work with Canon software. But its more moving things around to make sense of the order.
    This HP PC had survived those before..but now at 5 years old,I guess it's wearing down.

  6. I dont have hardware and devices . My problem is that my keyboard is not showing in device manager and I can't use my keyboard

  7. i am not able to find the hardware and device in troubleshoot (0:35 in the video)

  8. Big thanks bro, i got my imaging device now yeay

  9. it couldn't identifying the error what should i do now?

  10. Bro please tell how to do video chatting with droidcam

  11. I can't find my movie video on pc

  12. This just happened to my Dell 10.1 The trouble shooter only goes to restart your pc . Same thing over and over my drivers are updated and no cam in the devise mgr , GRRR

  13. my problem is that my pc can detect that missing driver why? plz help me

  14. Code 10 error, fuck you Microsoft and your shitty android rip-off of an OS "Windows 10". Windows 7 and 8 were perfectly fine.

  15. it's works thankyou so muchhh !!!

  16. It works after trying almost every video tutorial !, thnks man dabest!

    1. Image device not showing up – open Device Manager, expand any of the arrows, then go to ACTIONS > HERITAGE HARDWARE > INSTALL FROM LIST > IMAGING DEVICES and install. That did not work for me, but it was a solution for many people.
    2. Press Fn + (webcam key in the keyboard) in the DEVICE MANAGER, it will enable your cam. That did not work for me neither.
    3. Press Fn+F6, it will turn on your webcam, it did not work for me neither.
    4. Start the laptop and press F2 when the DELL logo appears, you will enter the BIOS environment. Then you look for MISC components/other components (something like that). Then there will be a toggle for ENABLE CAMERA. I did not find this solution anywhere, that's why I'm sharing it here.

  18. hadwer not detected

  19. It worked in my HP laptop bro thanks

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