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Install Wamp Server 3 and Fix Problem Complete Tutorial – 2016

How to install WampServer 3 on windows, and fixing any error you might face,
with this tutorial I’ll fix following errors:

#error 1:
MSVCR110.dll is missing when WAMP server install

#error 2:
Unable to start the program as VCRUNTIME140.dll is missing on your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem

#error 3:
Your port 80 is actually used

#error 4:
the mbstring extension is missing. please check your php configuration

it’s not an error in fact but, this is miss…

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49 Comments on Install Wamp Server 3 and Fix Problem Complete Tutorial – 2016

  1. thank very helpful
    but i have a probléme in wampserver
    Le chemin ${INSTALL_DIR}/www pour DocumentRoot n'existe pas (Fichier c:/wamp64/bin/apache/apache2.4.37/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf)

    Le chemin ${INSTALL_DIR}/www/ pour <Directory … n'existe pas (Fichier c:/wamp64/bin/apache/apache2.4.37/conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf)
    how to solve it pls ?

  2. Thank you bro……..

  3. thank you so much you solved my problem keep it up

  4. Thank You Soooooooooooooooo much………
    i solved bcoz of you….
    i wasted one day by seeing other videos
    thanks once again

  5. I have a problem in instaling the Microsoft 2015 0x80240017… how can i fix it ?

  6. Well when iI install wampserver new version 306 in C: drive everything work ok nothing to complaint ,! But after I tried install wamp to drive d instead c: .Everything is look ok after install an open wamp the icon wampmanager green .Then the nightmare begun when i right click on wampmanager icon to open it panel ,it do nothing .Then i opened the localhost it open ok but in the end of that page report an error " * ERROR * The PHP configuration loaded file is: d:/php/php.ini – should be: d:/wamp/bin/apache/apache 2.4.37 /bin/php.ini or c:/wamp/bin/php/php7.2.14/phpforapache.ini
    You must perform: Right-click icon Wampmanager -> Refresh ". And then when i opened phpadmin web it report "The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration".
    For the first time I was think this error cause by missing mysqli ,but i am was wrong .

    Well I tried to find file php.ini in apache 2437 folder .It doesnt have any file with that name .there is only one file php,ini in folder 7214 and ofcouse phpforapache.ini too. Then I tried to cut file php,ini in this folde and paste it to apache 2437 folder .The result is I can open the panel from wamp manager icon .Then i back to localhost page well the error still there .
    I am start to thinking that wampserver3 only allow install in C drive and everything try to install to another drive (d,e….) insteads C will cause that error. So Is there any one have got solution way to install to another drive insteads C please teach me .Thank

  7. thanks man helped and worked for me thanks again 😀

  8. Hello
    After installing wamp server can we uninstall visual c++ if we do not require it

  9. Ulan sen adamsın be

  10. text port 80 doesn't show :- ————– right click the wamp icon then tools. you should be able to find it. If your wamp version is 3.0.6

  11. ___________ FIRST SOLUTION !!!! _______________________________
    Download the .dll files and drop them into c: / windows / system32. Reset the program, fix the problem

  12. appreciate your effort

  13. when I checked mysql console, MSVCP120.dll wasn't found how to deal with this help meeee

  14. My Wamp server is installed properly – Thank you!

  15. think you think you think you <3 <3 <3

  16. THIS NOT RESOLVE MY PROBLEM THE "MSVCR110.dll" continues showing when open the wamp! HELP!!

  17. Thank you very much I did not know about the last solution to solve problem in Wamp but now I know about this with the help of your video thank you very much.

  18. i got the error from last 35 hrs
    the dll eror msvcr110.dll eror

  19. Nice tutorial. please I have hosted WordPress on wampserver but could not install themes and plugins. it shows error, what should I do?

  20. No promotion, no channel marketing: simple, easy and shortest way , Good one.

  21. I am getting unspecified error while I am installing this application . how to fix this ??

  22. Thanks. .. its helpful. ..

  23. thank you very mach this video me helped

  24. Hello. What program do you use to have this voice?

  25. i Have faced the (0xc000007b) problem when i run wampserver do you have any solution please (i have installed C++ 2015 and the last version of Framework .NET but it's still dosent work) HELP PLEASE !

  26. Thank you for this Tutorial

  27. Hello sir not showing green icon…
    ….pls help me

  28. thanks a lot! finally my problem is solved

  29. u r great bro thanx i have got the info clearly

  30. Hello Sir, can I use notepad ++ instead of note pad

  31. thanks bro you're the life saver

  32. Thnaks all mighty ALLAH…and thank you for give me best solution.I want to say everyone please follow this video to solve problem.Now i am happy

  33. ขอบคุณครับ thank you

  34. wamp server phpmyadmin not working please help me

  35. tanks a lot for your video that give my a good help!

  36. plz help its not working i tried 100 times but still not working

  37. Thank you so much.
    you solved my problem.

  38. thanku it really works

  39. I have this problem: 0cx0000142

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