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Installing Christmas Lights – 3 simple & smart hacks!

3 simple & smart ideas that might help you install your christmas lights faster, safer and more efficient.

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23 Comments on Installing Christmas Lights – 3 simple & smart hacks!

  1. This was so helpful! Thank you!

  2. I love the cat just straight up chillin

  3. Smart, very smart. I like the part where he looks at the camera and says something like – The lights look okay but it's really for my wife and kids. Good man, man.

  4. genius dude. Sucks my roof is all uneven though with a super steep front landing. I'd try it though

  5. Trust me I’m an engineer

  6. That was just awesome. SUB.

  7. Where do you plug in the windows? Great ideas

  8. Can you go into more detail about that pulley on the left? For us newbies?

  9. Loved your video. Loved how you figured out a quick and easy way to hang the lights.

  10. Thanks for the tips! Good video ????. Cheers!

  11. Very helpful thanks!

  12. Bad ass! Thanks great tips and tricks!

  13. Very cool. Nice house too!

  14. Great idea, I always have patients in hospital with broken bones, not enjoying his lights and the holidays after a fall.

  15. Loved your funny sense of humor, keep that in all your videos, and loved your tutorial, I thought it was wise. Thanks for sharing. I sub.

  16. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has a feline supervisor. I don't have the window access the way you do, but I like the rope idea.

  17. Cool. I've seen J channel and pvc pipe, but rope seems cheaper and more flexible. The kids and I are excited about this idea. The husband does NOT send his thanks. 😉

  18. My old house was almost identical to yours — but some of this will come in handy in my current house too, despite the different shape. Thanks!

  19. Thank for the tip!!!!!

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