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Installing CUDA Toolkit on Windows

See how to install the CUDA Toolkit followed by a quick tutorial on how to compile and run an example on your GPU.

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47 Comments on Installing CUDA Toolkit on Windows

  1. This thing doesn't work on MacBook Pro 2019. Application stopped working trying to use it.

  2. I need nvidia video card

  3. dde server window: devenv.exe – application error the exception unknown software exception (0xc0020001)occurred in the application at location 0x00000000756535d2 please help i have been trying to solve this for a week

  4. No se puede instalar. Sale error MSB3721. ¿Por qué?

  5. Congratulations to them for wasting our times to install their shit tool

  6. Thanks for this tutorial
    However I get this error when I try to build the solution :
    line 172 " MatrixMulCUDA<16> <<< grid, threads >>>(d_C, d_A, d_B,

    dimsA.x, dimsB.x); "
    I get : "expected an expression" on the 3rd '<'

  7. only chromebooks have this technology for any field in study no cd software available

  8. This doesn't work at all. This video is a complete piece of shit.

  9. Amigo, eu instalei o CUDA pelo instalador, mas por qual motivo eu preciso compilar ele no visual e roda-lo? Após a instalação…
    Só instalar e reiniciar nao é eficaz?

  10. Thanks for posting. I got 160 Gflops with the MatrixMul example. Using VS 2019 and a RTX2080 Ti.

  11. this toturial is seriously the shit guys? mine didnt worked either …

  12. I give up on this my i7 8700 is worth not getting a even bigger head ache for trying to get gpu rendering. thanks a lot for a outdated tutorial.

  13. I must have visual studio for CUDA works well? I am using blender.

  14. Pour moi ça ne fonctionne pas

  15. i dont have an idea here. My installation always failed

    Please subscribe my channel :

    Thanks for your feedback and happy watching

  16. Trying to download Cuda 10.1 for deepfakes
    But I'm getting incredibly slow download speeds for the (local) .exe file.
    Estimated download time for 2.4G file is 7 hours, which is horrendous. Usually it would take around 10 minutes.
    Is there anything I can do? Is this a common issue?

  17. You people really make this hard. Most people just want to run CUDA to accelerate the GPU in Premiere or Resolve. Just include everything necessary in your toolkit. Most people dont know anything about Visual Studio or which elements to install. Get your act together NVIDIA!

  18. I have a problem that I could not solve, try everything, my graph is gtx 1650 ventus xs 4g, in games it works perfect, but when I render the load of gpu it is zero and the processor processes all the rendering of 3d, and the gpu it does not work in render, I do not know what to do.

  19. You haven’t shown how to run the nobody.exe

  20. This cannot be installed on my laptop for the following reasons:

    I have my weak GPU called "Intel(R) HD Graphics 400, is the weakest GPU i've ever seen, can you help me with the error fix please?

  21. Hi NVIDIA Developer
    somehow i get many errors if i start to test the matix project with vs17.
    but it worked very good with vs15.

  22. Your titan X has more than 3 times as many GFlop/s as my GT1030 lol (initial test says 3.53 Gflop/s). Time = 37.120 msec.

  23. If you're looking to use Tensorflow-GPU, go watch my video on how to install it. It's all done through Anaconda with a few simple commands, takes less tan 5 mins.

  24. I used the VS2017 and the use the same sample as the video. It pops an error and said "cannot open source file "stdio.h" and " assert.h" can you explain it a bit?

  25. Dear Developer, i have had NVIDIA control panel installed on my computer. Should i install CUDA? and Can i Use it to record it by using bandicam? Thank you!

  26. please i have premiere cc 2019 and i want to run it by my graphic cart
    it is not shown in the option

  27. Guys, I am having Studio Visuals 2017 , Cuda Tool Kit 10 and opened the Matrix Mul 2015 . It worked!!! So make sure, you do the exact same steps. I tried to open Matrix Mul 2017 and it didn't work somehow.

  28. So… What does the network installer do?

  29. Guys keep your Visual studio installed updated and everythin set before you install CUDA .Close all processes of VS while cuda is being installed

  30. I got 490 errors after just building the sample you showed. wtf.

  31. How come at 0:17 it says you're downloading version 10 but at 0:27 it says you're installing version 8?

  32. Thanks you for usefull video and good language!

  33. when i tried to run the matrix Mul example in CUDA toolkit , A screen labeled " this project is out of date " appears , any solution

  34. install anaconda first and then using anaconda prompt, write conda install -c anaconda cudatoolkit

  35. Still can't run any CUDA code in VS Community.

  36. It's hopeless
    What tFFOk you make ??? Nvidia !!!!
    That shit doesn't work !!!!!!!
    Cuda 10 with VS 2017 with the last version!!!!!
    And nothing work !!!!!

  37. there is no such a thing as CUDA samples folder

  38. has anyone made this work? Having problems on trying to run the matrixMul in Visual Studio 2012, I upgraded using 2017 but still getting errors..

  39. none of this works properly

  40. I can't believe how shit this is to install. Doesn't work, random blue screens, fails on installation, finicky Visual Studio bullshit. Waste of my time honestly.

  41. this is completely worthlesss

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