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Installing Office 2013 on Windows 8

In this free video from our Windows 8: Where’d It Go? Training, Pluralsight Instructor Heather Ackmann walks through how to download Office 2013 on Windows 8.

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17 Comments on Installing Office 2013 on Windows 8

  1. Microsoft office 2013 product key For Microsoft shop:

  2. I have got my 100% genuine office 2016 key from this link: cost little but works great.

  3. nope! says to login in If I had that Information I would not be on your page! smh…

  4. Activate your Windows 10 Click Here:
    Activate your Windows 10 completely with one click

  5. This is Office 365 not 2013.

  6. hey nice video, i have problem with my friend he said after downloading and warping all files in MS 2013 he could not access them in windows 8. By the way he have very basic knowledge in windows 8 and me either.. should he access them manually somewhere? 


  8. impossible de finir l'installation d'office 2013…elle est bloquée et indéblocable!

  9. I can't access the files on my home screen like you did and I spent $150 on this crap. I'm really annoyed right now

  10. it does not come on my windows start menu

  11. can someone show me how to get this without a credit card 

  12. activate FREE:  /watch?v=L24q8o-mwq8

  13. shit this is not true

  14. You Have a Bad Windows 8 its laggy

  15. The initial download of 365 will take 5 minutes or less on a "High Speed" internet connection. MS has a number of "stupid install stunt" videos showing how fast it is. After the initial install, you can start any of the apps. They will start, and continue to download additional code in the background

    The Office 365 trial is for 30 days. At the end of that time, if you do not buy and activate it, the trial will go into "limited function" mode, essentially "read only" access to your files.

  16. please get back to me fast how long does it let you have it

  17. This is a trial or its for ever.did i have to buy it after the free month?how much?

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