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Intro to Windows 8 – By PC Classes Online

We’ve decided to publish make our new to Windows 8 class available to the public. PC Classes Online is the world’s first live and fully interactive virtual classroom service built for baby boomers. We were recently featured on the ABC hit show, Shark Tank.

31 Comments on Intro to Windows 8 – By PC Classes Online

  1. very good presentation

  2. Whether teaching about the MAC or MS Windows platform David NEVER disappoints. I switched to the MAC about two years ago and was lucky enough to find his tutorials. I am a retired college professor who evaluated colleagues teaching effectiveness for promotion during my 40-year tenure in academia. I can honestly say I have never found a more gifted communicator via media than David A. Cox. He is thorough, competent, knowledgeable and most importantly he steers clear of technobabble that is a turn-off for those not familiar with technology. It takes great insight (when teaching) to stay in the frame of reference of the student. That is one of the things David does best. I wish him every success in his endeavors. Shark Tank missed a GREAT INVESTMENT in not taking his business on.

  3. I have just purchased a brand new laptop with window 8 installed in it.
    The window 8 sucks. Window Xp was the best. Window Xp used to have
    great interface but both windows 8 and 10 has very bad interface. I am done
    with Microsoft.

  4. The video cannot be played is a joke and facebook servuces crash good job Microsoft

  5. You should do the windows 10 technical preview it has a parrels

  6. nice cmmendable service

  7.  I currently use Windows 7. If anything, this video (and other videos on this website) has help me make up my mind that the next pc I get is going to be a Mac. Yup, after my 17 years of using Windows I will be jumping ship.

  8. windows 8 is a really good operating system! i have been using windows products for decades and this by far is the os yet for microsoft. if it doesnt work correctly its because you did something wrong! seven and below is prone to lots of security flaws.  THE FIRST RELEASE OF WINDOWS 8 WAS HORRIBLE  MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE TO 8.1 its free from microsoft.

  9. I still like IOS 7. How it's basically like android OS. In every WAY!!!

  10. I have been using this w8 os for a month now. I thought everyone was just whining about it. I have almost had it though. Most often when I use the touch pad it does about five wild things before I can get it back to what I intended. Scrolling is a good example: Sometimes it scrolls well with the arrows and sometimes it scrolls well with the touch pad. Usually it just spazzes out and takes me to that cell phone start screen. then of course I have to jump through the hoops to get back to what I was trying to do, scroll! The touch screen is great for toddlers but I just want to operate the computer not kindergarten apps. There are more facets in the array of garbage to dislike. I am tired of complaining. W8 should be renamed SEE-N-SAY; The cow goes moo like those retarded cars that have the huge booming sound coming out of them.

  11. There is no greater teacher than experience. I was just as skeptical of Windows 8 as everyone else until I actually took the time to really use it. I've had it for 7 months now and I actually prefer it to Windows 7. Maybe, I'm just an anomaly among consumers, but I actually enjoy it.

     Windows 8 I think will always be remembered as the OS you will either really like, or really hate, but it will all depend on your own personal experience with it. That's just my opinion. My advice to those who haven't tried it, don't get advice from those who haven't taken the time to learn it. I almost made that mistake. They don't know what they are talking about.

  12. Tip one to Windows 8…..delete the goddam thing, and install Windows 7…

  13. Thanks for helping me make sense of this windows thing!  I had no choice 8 came with it! Thank god it's my back up computer!!!

  14. Hey u said itunes didn't work on windows 8 what are we to do about that?

  15. Navigation is somewhat clear.

  16. I haven't seen that message in 3 years. What are you talking about?

  17. This was b*ll*cks!!! :-/

  18. Love it!!! Bet you hate apostrophes in plurals too, don't you?? 😉

  19. "This video cannot be played."
    Microsoft still has problems with internet explorer

  20. whats the point in windows 8? will it effect me from making youtube videos?

  21. you spelled windows wrong.

  22. My boyfriend bought me a new Samsung Laptop and he had Windows 8 installed on it., this is very different from Windows 7. I work in a MAC environment at my job, and trying to learn this is a little tedious! Not the best product from WIndows but willing to give it a fair chance!

  23. Looks as if "Windows" is trying to become more like "Mac", eh? 🙂

    Thanks, David . . .

    Your videos are very informative and instructional

  24. just a question. if u download lets say a game or a music program and u just download it form google chrome or internet explore does it auto make a app for it ?

  25. Your awesome man!!!;)

  26. thanx 2day i wil chnge my windows 7 2 8

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