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iOS 7 Tips and Tricks for iPhone 

What’s on my iPhone?
iOS 7 Interactive Video:

Walter White Toy:

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19 Comments on iOS 7 Tips and Tricks for iPhone 

  1. very cool tips. Thanks. 

  2. Hi please check out my
    Channel for tips and tricks video aswell 

  3. What is the song in the background called?

  4. I don't have the cellular section in my settings.

  5. please can anyone can give me a feedback about my channel/videos?

  6. subscribe fren 

  7. Awesome! Thanks 

  8. Nice vid and best censur ever im waiting for my iphone 4 to come to my home (arrive) i hope it comes fast :D

  9. my 4s sometimes have lags how to fix them?

  10. Thanks, Captain Obvious!

  11. If you have an iPhone 4S or lower, it is a great upgrade.

  12. they were to hide his number and stuff.

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