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iPhone Virus, Malware XcodeGhost Fix

iPhone Malware, Virus XcodeGhost Fix

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20 Comments on iPhone Virus, Malware XcodeGhost Fix

  1. How do I get the actual virus? Any ideas?

  2. Where can I purchase those icon squares.

  3. I thought only the Chinese AppStore only works

  4. How can I download cydia to ios 9

  5. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Idk if I've got xcodeghost well I've downloaded lookout a while back and they told me I was infected and on this thingy I checked and I was all good? Any idea?

  7. The exploit was spreaded by someone that uploaded a patched xcode version to a chinese file sharing portal. Apple didn't detect it. The scary thing is that a magazine wrote about the CIA succesfully managed to modify XCode to run commands and didn't get detected. The article was posted on 10th of march … you can still search and read it.

  8. Wouldn't trust Pangu, but is the exploit completely removed after uninstalling the app? I checked the list and luckily had no app on my idevice that was infected. The only huge app was WeChat.

  9. It says it was ununable to download the app. I'm running iOS 8.3 and jail broken

  10. So if I had a virus from that app could that be why my phone has been freezing randomly with iOS 9.1 public beta 1

  11. Haha, luckily I only have 20 apps ? But I checked anyways, clean as a baby's butt! Thanks dude :D

  12. I deleted the app

  13. This is why you the real mvp

  14. Maybe that's why my phone keeps freezing randomly with iOS 9 cause of that malware issue

  15. I have a app I updated and now it's Chinese when before it was English lol .. Do you know why that is???

  16. This wallpaper app update came from chinese and I can't even understand it lmao I'm English 100%

  17. I'm about to try it now, I hope it doesn't give me any problems

  18. Man, the virus itself came from a special Chinese Xcode not Apples Xcode, how come you trust and relay on "Pango" to help you removing them!!
    I don't trust Chinese software at all

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