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iPhone XS Max – First 11 Things To Do!

iPhone XS Max – First 11 Things To Do!

Did you just get an iPhone XS or XS Max? Wondering what to do after the initial setup process? Well, this video is for you. Here are 11 settings to change and tips to consider with your new phone!

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40 Comments on iPhone XS Max – First 11 Things To Do!

  1. Here is my final review on the iPhone XS Max:

    Need more tips? Here are 20+ iPhone XS Max Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features:

    Sup guys! Now that you have the iPhone XS, here are there first things I recommend doing. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Got my iphone xs max today

  3. I wish you speed a little slower.

  4. Is fast charging bad for the battery?

  5. I had the iPhone 7 Plus since it came out, just got my XS today and it’s pretty great so far !

  6. Excellent video. However, why do you need your phone at all to calculate a tip?

  7. Watching this on my iPhone X

  8. 11 things you should do

    Number 1 watch video on description
    Number 2 watch video on description
    Number 3 watch video on description

  9. Just got mine after having the 7+ for awhile and can’t bring myself to trust the Face ID. I know it might seem dumb but I have opted out of using it because it just seems fishy to me.

  10. Whoa ! Way too fast !

  11. Face ID is good until you have long hair

  12. @1:23 – To turn the phone off, you just need to press and hold the Vol+ & Pwr/Wake button, no need to hold all 3 buttons (vol+, vol- & pwr/wake buttons)

  13. How did you get that wallpaper

  14. Turning the phone off is not a three button action. Its just the sleep wake button and the volume down. ???????? It even says it in the manual. ????????‍♀️

  15. Very World Class phone IPHONE Xs max

  16. I had the 8 plus but ATT came out with a buy one get one if you add a line so i just paid $600 for two. XS max iPhones and two xrs all 256gb and I’ll only get charged an extra $10 a month for 24 months. Got me my girl my dad and sister an upgrade lol

  17. Ho can i display dB instead of signal strength bars?

  18. Whos watching dis cause they really want the iPhone XS Max
    I want the iPhone XS Max in gold in 512gb ????wbu?

  19. My friend has nokia for as long as he can remember, and last week it broke R.I.P NOKIA…
    Now he has an iphone XS max. Lol

  20. My wife received an email and picture from a person and "Firebase" has shown up on my wife's iPhone Xs Max since she received that email. Please tell me how she can delete "Firebase" from her iPhone. Thank you!

  21. Hey, Brandon! I love and appreciate this YouTube video!!! Do you have a video using messaging and email on an iPhone Xs Max please? Thank you!!!

  22. Hold your horses Sir, you are very fast.

  23. i got mine today im so happy !

  24. I’m finna upgrade in two months from a six plus 64gb to the iPhone XS Max

  25. Please help me on this! My wife has a new iPhone Xs Max. I texted a video to her today, from my Moto E5 Plus, and she has the video on her Xs Max as a small icon. The question please…how does she turn the small icon video in the text to a full-screen video? I think I saw that you hard-touch the icon, holding your finger in place on the video icon, and this makes the video full-screen. Se has not tried that and I want to ask you please! Thank you so much!!!

  26. Why do these phones look utterly sexy on video but then aren’t as appeasing when you buy them. Anyone relate?

  27. Can u please show me how to get to my led alerts in settings

  28. 1:24 what is home button up and home button down

  29. anyone know how to turn off that annoying tone when you download from the app store?

  30. do you know how to share calendar events with other on the iphone xs

  31. Who’s watching on XS?

  32. Huh this was made on my birthday!

  33. I’ve had a 7 for three years now and I’m soooo excited to get the Xs Max!!

  34. Why in the world wouldn't you close apps?

  35. Got mine yesterday after 2 years with the 6!!

  36. Going too fast! Slow down! Can't keep up..

  37. Whats the light blinking on top im using the same phone but i have never seen such on my phone

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