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Is Nintendo Copy-RIGHT or Copy-WRONG with TAS Rom Hacks?

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19 Comments on Is Nintendo Copy-RIGHT or Copy-WRONG with TAS Rom Hacks?

  1. Dear nintendo:I love you nintendo but I belive this is very stupid and unless you make mario maker more acessable for people (for example 3ds port)this seems very hipocritical and nonsensical to do.I mean you're hurting your comunity and yourself…

  2. Or, simply don't monetize the video so no money is getting lost at all.

  3. didn't this kind of thing happen with the nes involving the game genie.

  4. They can't do this, because what they are doing is both unethical and hypocritical. And I won't sign up for that crap, also now Nintendo and Konami can be sued over fair use now because the 9th circuit court said that the person doing copyright is liable if they don't take into account fair use.

  5. How can you have copyright on a product in a persons video if i made a video of me playing a game i clearly bought the product. its like if i had a wedding and there is music playing at a reseption and the video gets copyrighted. So that seems really unfair.

  6. had a couple of mine hit with the "warning" and an attempt was made (several times) to message the person claiming intellectual property, unfortunately these persons have incoming messages disabled. and I wound up having to take down the videos that could have been talked out. not nintendo, still have my Poke'mon crystal video. but in game music normally kills me.

  7. see what you did there in the title

  8. just don't do nintendo games? i dk i fell like they have some right to it…. becos like if i made something like that and have copyright on it i not do like that but that's me not others its free advertisement… so i dk

  9. My two cents:

    Support for Nintendo needs to simply go down, or stop all together.

    I've joked around with my friends about Super Mario Maker only being made to further abuse Nintendo's fans and to JUSTIFY legal action, harm, and abuse towards them.

    Scary thing is that non-serious fiction became all-too serious reality.

    People can bitch and moan all they want, but at the end of the day. If they keep purchasing their products, and forgiving them. They'll go on to do worse and worse.

    Your stance in your "Mavericks" group is to fight against gaming-related injustices.

    Nintendo should be anything BUT the exception to this.

    Do yourselves a favor and punish them by joining me in boycotting them. You won't purchase their products, you won't TALK about them unless you're talking about boycotting them and showing the facts of how abusive they are, but at the same time you won't become violent, or irrational, or biased about it.

    Nintendo was an amazing company, and now it's up to us, current and former fans, to fiscally FORCE THEM to go back a couple of years.

    And no, I'm not condoning piracy by any means. Feel free to play the Nintendo related stuff you own so long as it doesn't go online.

    We can be bitter about what they've done now, but that does not by any means we can't enjoy what they've made in the past.

  10. I agree with your point that they're perhaps concerned ROM hacks might interfere with Mario Maker. It's also possible this is their way of trying to fight back against piracy and emulators as well, since seeing gameplay on Youtube might encourage people to seek the games out themselves.

  11. Hey proto can you do another Pokemon theory.

  12. I remember reading about this and it does concern me over the safety of my channel, since I play SMW romhacks often. I provide commentary, so I'm technically within copyright law, but when it comes to big companies and YouTube, it's shoot first and ask questions later.

  13. I wonder if they will get to Nappy and Shady D: They're playing Storm Silver and Sacred Gold

  14. what game is he playing?

  15. I don't know much about law, but copyrights only last 7 years, how can Nintendo flag when there copy rights are already void (asuming it's like kaizo Mario or someone old then 7 years

  16. i think it's fine to copyright a rom put on the internet for anyone to download and play on their emulator, depending on what it is. I've played a pokemon rom hack called pokemon glazed, and it's very different from the games. It's got it's own, unique, storyline, it comes in it's own region, it's own gym leaders, and very early in the game you get a pokemon comunicator, so if you walk up to a zigzagoon for example that is supposed to be someones pet and talk to it, you won't get something like "ziiggg". instead, it will actually say something to you that you can actually understand, like "hi" or something. this game is very different from the actual games, however there are some parts where someone might say a cuss word, which you said nintendo might copyright because of how it represents the game.

  17. Wonder what will happen to S/AGDQ now…

  18. Ahhhhhhhhh I get it, copy-right. Please, never do that again, that was so bad

  19. My main problem with this is the fact that they only just now started cracking down, like they were okay with it for the first several years. Seems like an ass pull. If they had expressed discontent way earlier, it might be less angering. I would laugh if the codename NX fails. I'm not specifically planning on buying a codename NX, so if it fails then I'm an accomplice by inaction.

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