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Italc on Windows 8

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17 Comments on Italc on Windows 8

  1. i want ask should be the same user name or same computer name?

  2. thank u is help full i will try it hope it work

  3. sir can it use 2laptop Wireless but connect to the same router.

  4. I think its not working in Windows 8.1 Single Language.. Am I right? I followed the steps and still went to unreachable host.

  5. Yaman i can't reply to your comment you removed the access but to answer your question. Yes you can use it follow the same steps and you should be good. thanks danish

  6. Hello Thanks a lot it's really helpful video
    I have a question please. Can i use it with 2 different windows ( i have win 8 on mine and on students computers have win7) is possible to use it please and thank you

  7. Thanks for the share .. I manage to computer labs .. through school .. way cool tool to have, love this install ..

  8. every time I add the student computer to the software on the master computer it just says host unreachable

  9. nice video i am going to try it in my network environment

  10. Thanks a lot, appreciate this 🙂

  11. It's not letting me add my account's name on my second computer.

  12. Hi. Thanks for making the video. I have successfully installed ItalC on a lab with 46 computers with 64 bit Windows 8. We intend to use it in another 5 computer lab. One problem though, we can't get the demo mode to work. Other features work fine though. Been searching around and it seems that many others have the same issue but no real solution. Any ideas to resolve or go around this ?   Thanks

  13. I can get the "overview" of the screen and send text messages. But, when I try to use "live view" or take control, it never connects…. any ideas?

  14. so i have to create a new user on the student computer with the same name and same password ?
    what user will the student use to log in ??

  15. They need to be on the same internet connection?

  16. Italc on Windows 8
    Powerful tool for teachers and ITS STAFF. It lets you view and control other computers in your network in several ways

    Italc on Windows 8

    #education #helpdesk #jobs

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