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20 Comments on Itube Free Music IOS 7 & 8 no jailbreak!

  1. Guys New way to get iTube on iOS 7 & 8 No Jailbreak May 2015…….

  2. Não funfa mais ;( eu tinha mais desinstalei

  3. Precisa por data ??

  4. Check out this video on YouTube:

  5. don t include. WRONG

  6. Does anyone know why the itube does not load mixes that have a length of over 2 hours long?

  7. Were is your video?

  8. A me non lo trova puoi rispondere al più presto

  9. doesn't work. i mean the vshare thing does but itube is not there

  10. im know this app only this app its 2 weeks ago not works you doo it to 1 sept not work


  12. What version do you have your phone? 

  13. I went to the App Store n went to "purchased" and it wasn't there..please help!!

  14. Itube didn't appear when I searched it up in Vshare

  15. This dide copied the vid

  16. If you have download iTube before go to AppStore and then "Purchase" and you will find it ?

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