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Java: Running Programs in Command Prompt [TUTORIAL] (Windows 8)

This is a basic tutorial on how to run your Java programs from command prompt!

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19 Comments on Java: Running Programs in Command Prompt [TUTORIAL] (Windows 8)

  1. Finally! Thanks! Works on windows 7 as well. I noticed that when I pasted the address from the explorer bar though, instead of what you were suggesting to put: %setpath% , C:Program Files (x86)Javajdk1.8.0_60bin;%path% was pasted. I changed it though to %setpath% and it worked. No idea if the other way works

  2. thank you ,very clear explanation……and i have one query
    that is ,i have written a java programm in eclipse ide how to convert into .exe …i mean .java to .exe

  3. thanks it was really helpfull

    my question is 

    how to use package ?
    in cd prompt

  4. Do we have to do this every time we make a program and start to rin it? 

  5. my "cd Desktop" command is not working can u help me

  6. thanks a lot…….really helpful

  7. So so so so so thankful! You explained everything very well and simply. :)

  8. Thank you very much . It was really helpful

  9. Thank you! It helped me much.

  10. I got Error: could not find or load main class. how do I fix this?

  11. when i do like that at the stage of run iam geting "Error:could not find or load main class simple

  12. That was great Ryan,very helpful, thanks a lot…. I would like subscribe if you have any channel for complete java tutorials ?

  13. thank you very much ryan…. very well presented, clear idea about the topic, excellent.

  14. Awesome video! It was very helpful :)

  15. Thanks for this very helpful video Ryan. I have been trying to figure this path thing and compiling my Java program for hours, literally and you were the only one who actually went through every step steady from start to finish. Thanks again and I hope you continue making these videos because you are talented at it man…keep it up and God bless! 

  16. thank you very much

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