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33 Comments on Java set the path in windows 7 windows 8

  1. hey
    Javac is working but when I'm executing the program using Java it is showing an error that couldn't find Java.d11
    couldn't find Java SE Runtime environment in Windows 8
    what I do to solve this problem

  2. It works ! Thank you ! 😀

  3. Thankyou sooo much bro i was very tensed at this but your video scattered it thanks again!

  4. Chandu bro. I have a spider man 2 game but it doesn't work for specified path cannot exist. Can this help me for set up or check the path. For checking path what should I do. I want to play Spider Man 2. please help

  5. chandu bhaiya cha gaye lol

  6. i did set the path in evironmental settings but when i am typing the folder name in commandprompt using cd (space) name it is displaying the path is not specified???

  7. thank you chandu. the procedure works fine also in windows 8.1!

  8. Thanks a lot, I have been having trouble trying to set up this path for a while until this video pops out of no where!
    Great help!!

  9. why we are write path instead of JAVA_ HOME??

  10. how to set path in win 8.1

  11. hello chandu, i have a problem. I have followed your instructions and pathed corectly, but i cant run any java program. It have this weird grey shlas on them. any idea what can be wrong?

  12. hi chandu,
    i got da sm prblm
    java s workn bt javac s nt workng i searchd for javac.exe in prgrm file bt it s nt there,so wht cn i do
    cn u pls giv me a suggetion

  13. Hi Chandu ,

    java is working fine and javac is not working it shows below error
    'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    operable program or batch file.

  14. I have a problem, when i type in java, it works, but when I type javac it is not an internal ore external command…

  15. thanks my javac works 

  16. Now my Java and Javac works!! Thank you!!

  17. This isn't fucking windows 8…

  18. thanks bro..!
    helped me a lot!

  19. Thanks a ton bro
    I was madly in search of this info
    and you made it
    Good job
    keep it up

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