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Jim's Best Pranks Against Dwight – The Office US

Even more of Jim’s best pranks against Dwayne Fart Schrute!

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26 Comments on Jim's Best Pranks Against Dwight – The Office US

  1. it should have been pennies

  2. I’m here it’s ok ????

  3. I feel so retarded watching this is funny cus its so stupid i literly have a red mark on my forhead from slapping myself for how dumb this is

  4. Wtf I watched the clip where he said "it's 12:20 where the hells Dwight" and it's 12:20 rn trippy

  5. Pams reaction when Jim said “It’s Thursday but Dwight thinks it’s Friday “ just made me laugh

  6. The last clip, I didn’t get, until I remembered the clip about Dwight thinking it was the next day

  7. 2:13 magic beans prank for anyone that was looking

  8. I love conditioning, it was so fun to experiment on people. Psychology class was so fun!

  9. OKay but why is there an ad like every minute

  10. Dwight: " im older and wiser"
    Also Dwight: *trades a expensive telescope for worthless beans*????

  11. This is the reason why I became so attached to Jim

  12. Jim: How to make a sociopath.

  13. i love how jim gives dwight nickels to make his life harder

  14. Yeah i get that these pranks are supposed to be funny. But i kinda feel bad for dwight.

  15. My favourite is Dwight because Dwight:IM RIGHT HERE ITS OK IM HERE PEOPLE

  16. Dwight:IM HERE ITS OK (:> XDDDD)

  17. I like how Jim always looks into the camera.

  18. I love Dwight more than life

  19. idk why but i felt kinda bad when he started putting the coins on the vending machine and when he smashed his phone

  20. I love the Asian Jim it’s hilarious

  21. Idk why but I feel really bad probably because I haven’t seen the show and don’t know what kind of guy Dwight is
    Still funny tho

  22. Imagine he gives him 19 nickels.

  23. I feel like Dwight is one prank away from becoming a public shooter.

  24. i watch this too much

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