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13 Comments on Join Windows 8 to Server 2012 Domain

  1. I have a questions If I set my windwos 2012 server with Dhcp, ADDC, and DNS I still have to set a manual ip for the windows 8 computer?. if I have to do it for 500 computers the DHCP will not do it for me?. thanks..

  2. Sweet and simple! Which AV do you recommend on server 2012 R2?

  3. Wow it works for Windows tabs

  4. Thanks I'll try it for my computer 

  5. can we join windows 8.1 or home edition to a domain ?

  6. Thanks for your explanation. Unlike windows XP and server 2003, is it necessary that we should set up static ip & dns? if not it wont work?? Kindly reply

  7. Miguel, does this work with win8Pro on a tablet?

  8. Awesome video, thanks!!!!

  9. Is it possible instead of using windows server u can use windows 7 or Ubuntu server ????

  10. Thnx for the superb video and explanation, @Avoiderrors.
    I was wondering if u could help me with an issue which i'm facing right now..

    How to delete a child domain from a primary domain controller(original DC) (situation – child domain is not in the network now assume that its dead !! ) for example : our domain is and child domain is .. !! how to delete this … Please if you can .. help me out with this problem.

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