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41 Comments on Kano

  1. I enjoyed the movie

  2. I od'd on H, last night….and just woke up..this was on…40 hrs later

  3. Good shit starts here 2:30:00

  4. i fell awake and woke down to this. all your bases are belong to us

  5. I had the opportunity to visit Hashin Koshien Stadium near Osaka and watched a spring Koshien game. This movie epitomizes the Sakura (shortness of life) and the bushido way.

  6. Ahhh, crap. I saw the name “Kano” and thought this was about the founder of Judo.
    Oh well.

  7. How can you not get passionate about baseball?

  8. Why the hell is everyone saying they fell asleep and woke up to this? I really don't get it I just wanted to watch this movie and see this in the comments

  9. This video must come on after long periods of inactivity, look how many people woke up to this.

    That, or dem damn Greylings (from outer space).

  10. I was already up when I started watching then I fell asleep.

  11. I was hoping for a solo movie about the Mortal Kombat character Kano, but oh well 😉

  12. I couldnt Fall asleep ???? so i watched this whole movie 3 hours then I Fell asleep. Lol.

  13. Fell asleep and woke up to this

  14. I was watching pranks last night fell asleep and woke up to this whaaaat

  15. Baseball like in larger life; whoever has the biggest balls WINS. All things considered this is by far the best baseball film ever!

  16. Went to sleep watching something else woke up to the ending …apparently I'm not the only one

  17. Idk how everyone discovered this movie by falling asleep nd waking up to this, but I discovered it by looking up free movies, nd this looked good to watch ig????????

  18. John wick to next video..

  19. If only it was in english

  20. is this movie about how wonderful the japanese occupation of asian countries was because of baseball?

  21. I fell asleep and wo

  22. Surprisingly good movie. It's a lot like the first Rocky Movie. Like Rocky, sometimes it's not about the victory. It's about the Journey. Real life is the same way. Often times we seek victory only to look back to the realization the Journey was the "true" victory.

  23. typo in the first 5 seconds of film

  24. All this people writing this shit stop smoking that green and focus. Is free and go to awake up in a onion field morons

  25. I fell alseep and woke up to not this movie but rather the one that played after it

  26. Yo wtf how did I get here I just woke up?

  27. This has nothing to do with the founder of JUDO ????

  28. I fell asleep and saw this lmaoooo????

  29. I clicked it because I was interested in it I didn’t know many people fell asleep and woke up to this xd

  30. It's HOOSIERS on a baseball field. Its a shame the person who wrote the subtitles didn't know anything about baseball (i.e. a swing&miss isn't necessarily a strikeout).

  31. Good movie ⚾️

  32. This movie is decent at best.

    On a side note: why is it that in Asian movies, having absolutely no spatial awareness and being clumsy af is considered charming? Shit’s annoying.

  33. I was awake the entire time, watched this on purpose, and had autoplay off. Its a good movie too. Sorry I'm so controversial though.

  34. I did not wake up to this. I am watching this because I'm bored with the rest of youtube. ???? and I fell asleep while watching it ????

  35. i was awake but i got woke from this

  36. Why did I fall asleep to Domo ranting and woke up to this????

  37. Great movie , very in touch with life and one's true happiness … How vain it is to sit down , when people have not stood up to live ……

  38. S
    I fell asleep a and woke up to this

  39. Wow a 2 hour vid with 3 ads we gucci

  40. well i fell asleep with my youtube playing and woke up to this

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