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KEY TIPS & TRICKS TO WIN IN PUBG Mobile | Powerbang Gaming
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Today in PUBG Mobile, we break down gameplay to reveal loads of tips and tricks to win a chicken dinner! Enjoy!

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47 Comments on KEY TIPS & TRICKS TO WIN IN PUBG Mobile

  1. BEEP BEEP! Let me know what you guys want to see next and I'll certainly take your feedback into account! Appreciate the love!

  2. wtf you’re lucky in the game how did u even get a lot of scopes and armours in a short amount of time im jealous HAHA

  3. I here some one then shoot random they normally come and I pop em in the head

  4. Worst player ever! Not like you don't have time to recover wounds…. Just the fucking bandage, don't waste the first aid kit!

  5. Why half of the pubg mobile youtubers say the "Compensator" as "Compressor"….

  6. I've also got a chicken dinner before on p u b g mobile!

  7. I love chicken dinners!????

  8. PUBG Mobile is is easy

  9. How did you saw the last guy

    I've watched 10 times still didn't see him

  10. Hey I just wanna say I know I’m late to comment but you have really helped me! I just wanna thank you for that and you got a sub and post notification from me a long time ago! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  11. Loved this video, thanks I will recommend this and other videos to my friends. 😉

  12. How did u edit that horizontal item loot. Im a ipad user. Thanks ser..

  13. Tips number 0: pick a gender = female

  14. "I find a compressor for my assault rifle"

    "find a compressor"


  15. Yo he passed a scar he DUMB as fuck

  16. Wtf!! YOU DIDNT PICK THE SCAR -L !!!

  17. Would about a postal only or shotgun only

  18. How did you record internal audio

  19. How did you record internal audio

  20. That 1st k was me…. Huh

  21. I just started playing less than two weeks ago and your videos have helped me out tremendously!  Great content….

  22. Niko Ivancic neko sa balkans

  23. wait i thought u mentioned in another video that if u should opt for a better health helmet rather than a almost busted up helmet? im confused

  24. Do you know de wea

  25. If you use a keyboard your punk cheating bitch

  26. Man you were plain lucky to have the playzone shrink to your advantage. Almost 95% of the shrinking playzone has me moving always and that's when I'm killed.

  27. Beep Beep sucka we’ll catch you in the next game! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? your the best.

  28. beep beep lol great video

  29. I’ve seen that “beep beep” one before smh just worded it different this time

  30. Most of them are just bots.

  31. It's raining scopes in your server. I can never even find a 2x in any of my games.

  32. Powerbang what you just did the smoke trick to get that guy was done to me by a enemy hahahaha but now I know how to confuse enemies.. thank you powerbang!

  33. Should do clans of clans too, upcoming update is awesome !

  34. I use DU Recorder to make my YT videos… sm to sm Powerbang.

  35. Even my dog was better than me but after this video I beat em I hope I encounter you and beat next! And thanks my friend

  36. Is akm better( single shots) than m416 at a far range? (Sniping)

  37. This was a good vid it helped me so much bro

  38. My best on mobile is 14 kills

  39. Dude I think I can't use that trick with the door of just waiting cause most of the people that I'm against cause they always go through the window btw I subbed

  40. Challenge time, win with only pistols, i feel like silenced p92 is underrated.

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